The Proportional Voting Solution
Through proportional voting systems, like-minded groupings of voters win legislative seats in better proportion to their share of the population. Whereas winner-take-all elections award 100% of power to a 50.1% majority, proportional voting systems allow voters in a minority to win a fair share of representation. Proportional voting describes a broad range of methods that require at least some legislators to be elected in districts with more than one seat.

Full Representation Pages:

A 19th Century Champion of Democracy

A 19th Century Champion of Democracy: An Early Critique of Winner-Take-All

A PR Glossary

American Political Crisis Could Lead to Full Representation

Analysis: The Case for Voting Systems that Promote Full Representation and Majority Rule

BC-STV: The British Columbia Campaign for Choice Voting

Books to Download

Cambridge Choice Voting 2005

Considerations on Representative Government

Developments for Proportional Voting Around the World (Sept. 2005)

District Shapes and Interest Representation

Early American Adoptions of Proportional Representation

Editors Note

FairVote Top Two Brief (WA State)

Frequently Asked Questions

Full Representation is Fair for Everyone

Full Representation Voting Systems

Full Representation vs. Single-Member Districts in States

Full Representation: Proportional Systems Promote Inclusion, Deliberation and Better Policy

House of Representatives? Hardly.

How Full Representation Helps Women

Introduction: Towards a more Representative Government

Israel Knesset Election 2006

Japanese Parliamentary Elections 2005

John Stuart Mill on Proportional Representation

Justice Thomas on Full Representation Voting Systems

Keep It Simple

Letting the Voters Decide

Proportional Voting and Winner-take-all: Analyzing Palestine's Legislative Elections

Proportional Voting in Ireland

Proportional Voting in Puerto Rico

Proportional Voting in Scotland

Proportional Voting Testimony

Proportional Voting: The Next Step for Democracy

Redistricting Reform Watch

Richie and Hill Respond

Sample Proportional Voting Legislation For Congress

Sample State Voting Rights Act

Shaking Up Congress in Texas


The Case for Proportional Representation

The Proportional Voting Solution

The States' Choice of Voting Systems Act H.R. 1173

The Velvet Revolution

UK Parliamentary Elections - 2005

Video Library

Voter Choice Act (HR 2690)

West Virginia Constitution, Article VI

When the U.S. Government Endorses Full Representation

Why I Like Proportional Representation

Winner-take-all vs. Full Representation

Women's Representation Worldwide

Full Representation Pages:


Black Representation Under Cumulative Voting in IL

Law Requires Lessons on Constitution

Louisiana's Nonpartisan Primary: Model or Travesty of Reform?


New Flash Animation on Choice Voting

Redistricting and Incumbent Protection in 2001-2002

Rob Richie's Letter to the Ohio Help America Vote Act Planning Commission

1. What Did Votes Have to Do With It?

100 % Registration Project Supporters

103rd Congress

107th Congress

109th Congress

12th Amendment

15th Amendment

16 and 17-Year-Old Pre-Registration Bill

17-year-old Primary & Caucus Voting

1994 Elections in Mexico: Still Neither Fully Free Nor Fully Fair

1996 Australian House of Representatives Election Results

1997 Computerization

19th Amendment

2000 Voter Turnout

2001 Utah GOP Convention IRV Elections

2001 Vermont Secretary of State Memo on IRV Feasibility

2002 Voter Turnout

2004 Election Problems: Alaska

2004 Election Problems: Connecticut

2004 Election Problems: Idaho

2004 Election Problems: Iowa

2004 Election Problems: Kansas

2004 Election Problems: Massachusetts

2004 Election Problems: Michigan

2004 Election Problems: Minnesota

2004 Election Problems: Nebraska

2004 Election Problems: Nevada

2004 Election Problems: New Mexico

2004 Election Problems: Ohio

2004 Election Problems: Rhode Island

2004 Election Problems: South Dakota

2004 Election Problems: Vermont

2004 Election Problems: Wyoming

2004 Electoral Problems - Arizona

2004 Electoral Problems - Arkansas

2004 Electoral Problems - California

2004 Electoral Problems - Colorado

2004 Electoral Problems - Georgia

2004 Electoral Problems - Indiana

2004 Facts in Focus: The Least Competitive U.S. House Elections in American History

2004 U.S. House Elections

2004 Voter Turnout

2004: FairVote's Year in Democracy

2006 Election Problems: Alabama

2006 Hot Spots

2006 Maine Democratic Party Platform

2006 Presidential Elections
in Haiti, Finland, and Chile

2006 SoS Elections

2007 Colorado Voter Choice Task Force Report

2008 Campaign Events

2008 Campaign Tracker

2008 Presidential Ad Spending

2009 Legislation

23rd Amendment

23rd Amendment

24th Amendment

26th Amendment

84% in Takoma Park: Lessons from a landslide win

FairVote California

A 19th Century Champion of Democracy

A 19th Century Champion of Democracy: An Early Critique of Winner-Take-All

A Brief History of Proportional Representation in the United States

A Constitutional Right to Vote

A Fairer Way to Conduct Single-Winner Elections

A Few States to Win

A Full Vote for First Time Voters

A History of Full Representation Experimentation and Success

A Letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

A message from John Anderson

A New Era of Electoral Reform

A PR Glossary

A Pro-Democracy Commission for the United States (1995)

A Quick Analysis Of 2000 London Mayor's Race and Media Coverage

A Roadmap to Reform

A Sample Statute for Choice Voting

A Success Story in California

A Tribute to John Anderson

A Uniform Advance Voter Registration Age

ABOLISH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE -- Senate Speech - Speech by Senator RIchard Durbin

About the Voting Rights Act

Absentee Ballots



AccuPoll Incorperated



Acquiring Ranked Choice Equipment

Action Agenda of Massachusetts Democratic Party Takes Postion on IRV

Action Kit for Choice Voting

Action Kits

Activists of the Month

Adam Fogel-Right to Vote Director

Additional Information on STV and Choice Voting

Additional Resources

Addressing Louisiana�s Post-Katrina Electoral Problems

Adopting Fair Student Elections

Advanced Voting Solutions

Advisory Committee

Advocacy Efforts and Campaigns

AJR 11

Alabama Election Administration

Alabama Electoral Situation

Alabama Redistricting 2000

Alabama SoS Candidates

Alaska Election Administration

Alaska Electoral Situation

Alaska Lieutenant Governor Candidates

Alaska Redistricting 2000

Alaska Republicans endorse instant runoff voting ballot measure



Alternative Voting Systems

American Political Crisis Could Lead to Full Representation

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) Conference

Amicus Brief Filed March 2, 2006

Amicus Brief Filed, 1995

Amicus Brief Filed, 1999

Amicus Brief Filed, Summer 2007

Amy Ngai - Program for Representative Government, Director

An Argument for Full Representation from the Left

An Argument for Full Representation from the Right

An Early 20th Century American Use of an Alternative Voting Method

An Invitation from Krist Novoselic

An Overlooked Problem with the Two-Round System

Analysis: The Case for Voting Systems that Promote Full Representation and Majority Rule

And The Last Shall Be First

Andrew Kirshenbaum

Ann Arbor, Michigan Charter Amendment

Answering Objections from Election Administrators

Antonio Gonzalez

Antonio Gonzalez Letter of Support for High School Registration

APIA Vote Executive Director

Apply for a Job at FairVote

Archived Legislation and Ballot Measures 2003-2004

Are all first choices counted?

Ari Savitzky - Director of FairVote Rhode Island

Arianna Huffington

Arizona Election Administration

Arizona Electoral Situation

Arizona Redistricting 2000

Arizona SOS Candidates

Arkansas Election Administration

Arkansas Electoral Situation

Arkansas IRV for military voters

Arkansas Redistricting 2000

Arkansas SoS Candidates

Articles & Reports

Articles About Voter Turnout

Ashland, Oregon Press Release

At-large Election Systems

Automatic Voter Registration

Avante Intel Technology

Average Margin of Victory

Average Margin of Victory

Average Margin of Victory

Average Margin of Victory Rankings

Awarding Electoral Votes by Congressional District

Ballot counting in Cambridge

Ballot Questions

Bart Bouricius' 2003 Testimony to the Connecticut House of Representatives

BC-STV: The British Columbia Campaign for Choice Voting

Best Methods for Representing California

BI 20 (Voters First Act)

Bill seeks to revamp runoffs: Luebke to propose instant voting law

Board Members

Board rethinks Sunday voting

Books to Download


Breakthroughs in states requiring voting equipment to support fair election methods

Brendan Buff

Brennan Center: Executive Assistant

Brennan Center: Voting Rights Fellow

British Columbia Citizens Assembly (BC-STV) Flash Animation

British Election Analysis


CA A.B. 3069

CA Democratic Chair Art Torres Speaks Up for The American Plan

Caleb Kleppner (On Leave)

California Democratic Party Endorses IRV

California Election Administration

California Electoral Situation

California gubernatorial candidate calls for full representation and instant runoff voting in first debate

California HAVA Testimony

California Houseparties

California Local Options Bill (AB1294)

California Pending Legislation

California Redistricting 2000

California Redistricting Watch

California Reform Initiative

California SoS Candidates

California Voting Rights Act of 2001

California Young Democrats Endorse Presidential Primary Reform Plan

California's Voting Systems Panel Approves IRV-Compatible Equipment for Use in San Francisco

Cambridge Ballot History

Cambridge Choice Voting 2005

Cambridge, MA on Voting Equipment

Campaign Posters

Campaign Resources from the Successful IRV Campaign in Burlington, VT

Campus Action Kit Documents

Campus Media

Carter-Baker Commission: Bolder than Advertised

Cary video

Cary Voters React to their New Voting System

Chapter 1: Making the Case for Full Representation in the United States

Chapter Four: Full Representation and the Voting Rights Act

Chapter Three: Full Representation in Local Elections

Chapter Two: American Voting System History

Charts: Plurality Wins in U.S. Senate

Choice Hand Counts: Troubleshooting

Choice Voting -- The Optimal Proportional Representation Election Method

Choice Voting
The Optimal Proportional Voting Method

Choice Voting and Multi-Racial Electorates

Choice Voting In Action

Choice Voting in Cambridge

Choice Voting in Davis, California

Choice Voting in New York: A Case Study

Choice Voting Program Director

Choice Voting vs. Cumulative Voting

Choice Voting vs. Traditional Winner-Take-All

Choice-Voting Hand Counts: Procedure

Choice-Voting Hand Counts: Starting Off

Chris Jerdonek - Northern California Representative

Christian Abraham

Citizens Assemblies

Citizens' Guide to Voting Equipment

City Elections in Oxford, Ohio

Civic Participation and Rehabilitation Act

Civil Rights Groups Endorse Flexible Equipment 2007

Civil Rights Groups on Voting Equipment Flexibility

Claim Democracy

Clay Mulford

Colleges and Universities Using Instant Runoff Voting for Student Government Elections

Colorado Democratic Party

Colorado Election Administration

Colorado Electoral Situation

Colorado Redistricting 2000

Colorado SoS Candidates

Common Cause

Communities in America Currently Using Proportional Voting

Communities of Color

Community Action Kit Documents

Compatibility of voting equipment with ranked-ballot voting systems

Compatibility of voting equipment with ranked-ballot voting systems: Sample Language

Computerized Counting Programs

Computerizing a Cambridge Tradition: Testing Preference Voting on a Computer Program

Concerns With The Electoral College

Concession ends doubt in agriculture post race: Republican wins office for first time

Congressional Priorities - 2009-2010

Congressman John Porter

Congressman Tanner's Fairness and Independence in Redistricting Act (H.R. 2642)

Connecticut Election Administration

Connecticut Electoral Situation

Connecticut Redistricting 2000

Connecticut SOS Candidates

Considerations on Representative Government

Constitution Day History

Constitution Project on Equipment Flexibility

Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional Residence

Constitutionality of Multi-member Districts


Contact Us

Contact your legislators


Controversial Elections

Correcting the Spoiler Effect

Count Every Vote Act of 2005

County Problems

CR S01909

Cumberland County

Cumulative Elections in Alabama (2004)

Cumulative Voting

Cumulative Voting -- A Commonly Used Proportional Representation Method

Cumulative Voting
A Commonly Used Proportional Voting Method

Cumulative Voting and the Voting Rights Act

Cumulative Voting at Work in Texas

Cumulative Voting for Corporate Boards

Cumulative Voting Imposed in Maryland County

Cumulative Voting in an Alabama County

Cumulative Voting in South Dakota

Cumulative Voting Sample Language

Current and Recent Non-Majority Governors

CVD Submits Brief on Instant Runoff Voting to Texas Attorney General

Cynthia M. Gibson, Ph.D.

Cynthia Terrell - Special Projects

Cynthia Terrell, Secretary

Dan Johnson-Weinberger

Danaher Controls


Data and Methodology

Data Available

David Cobb Calls for IRV

David Moon - Chief Operating Officer

David Segal - Analyst

David Wilner

Davis 2006

Davis, CA

DC Voting Rights

DC VRA Resources

De-Bunking Kathy Dopp's 15 Flaws of Instant Runoff Voting

Delaware Election Administration

Delaware Electoral Situation

Delaware Redistricting 2000

Demand the End of an 18th Century Anachronism

Democracy Day

Democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan

Democracy Index

Democracy Index

Democracy Index

Democracy Index Rankings

Democracy Innovation Brochure Series

Democracy Job Bank

Democracy Matters - Paid Undergraduate Internships

Democracy Rising conference

Democracy SoS

Democracy SoS Project

Demonstration Elections

Developments for Proportional Voting Around the World (Sept. 2005)

Diebold Electronic Systems

Disputed results

District of Columbia Election Administration

District of Columbia Electoral Situation

District Shapes and Interest Representation

Do I have to rank all the candidates?

Do runoff elections reflect voters' will?

Documentary on Cumulative Voting in Illinois

Downballot GOP Blues?

Download Your Right to Vote Materials

Dubious Democracy

Dubious Democracy

Dubious Democracy 2003-2004

Dubious Democracy 2005

Dubious Democracy 2005

Dubious Democracy 2007

Dubious Democracy: Early Years

Early American Adoptions of Proportional Representation

Early Voting, Absentee Voting and Election Day as a Holiday

Early Works on Proportional Voting

Editors Note

Educational Materials

Educational Tools and Materials

Edward Hailes, Vice-Chair

Eight Reforms

Ekua Boateng


Elected Officials

Electing the President by National Popular Vote

Election Administration

Election Administration


Election Data Corporation

Election Data Direct, Inc

Election Data Project

Election Day: Register, Monitor, Get Help


Election Systems and Software

Election Weekend Act

Election Works

Electoral College Quotes

Electoral Reform In Canada

Electoral Reform in the Netherlands

Electoral Replacements

Electoral Systems in General

Electoral Systems Matter

Electoral Tie

Electronic Voting and Voter Verified Paper Ballots


Employment Opportunities at FairVote

End Majority Rule

Endorsement: National Black Caucus of State Legislators

Endorsement: National Latino Congreso

Endorsers of the NPV Plan

Equal-and-Even Cumulative Voting in Peoria

Eric Olson's Testimony on Maryland Instant Runoff Voting Bill

Eric Olson's Testimony on Maryland Instant Runoff Voting Bill

Erik Connell - Democracy Fellow

Erin Bowser

Eugene Oregon Ballot Measure

Eugene, OR post-mortem analysis of campaign

Evaluation of San Francisco's First Ranked Choice Election

Eve Robert

Ex-Offenders Voting Rights Act of 2005

Excerpt from A More Perfect Union: Advancing New American Rights

Excerpt from The Radical Center: The Future of American Politics

Excerpts from Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court vs. The American People

Exit Poll Surveys Show Voters
Like Instant Runoff Voting

Explanation of Continuing Ballots

Extending the Election Data Project

Fact Sheets


Fair Elections

Fair Provisional Ballot and Voter ID Laws

FairVote - Legislation to Support

FairVote and its Mission

FairVote Bookmark

FairVote California Board

FairVote Campaigns

FairVote Democracy Fellows

FairVote Files Two Amicus Briefs in Port Chester (NY) Voting Rights Case

FairVote Forum on the Electoral College

FairVote Gets Involved in Voting Rights Lawsuits

FairVote Interview with Neal Peirce

FairVote IRV Reports

FairVote National Popular Vote Video

FairVote Newsletters

FairVote Partners with Voting Solutions to Release Voting Software under Open License

FairVote Position on Voting Equipment, Election Integrity & Auditability

FairVote Protects Youth Voting Rights in Maryland

FairVote RI Advance Registration Policy Brief

FairVote Staff Testimony

FairVote Top Two Brief (WA State)

FairVote Videos

FairVote's Innovative Analysis

FairVote's Analysis of Open US House Seats

FairVote's Board of Directors

FairVote's Classroom Resources

FairVote's Comments on Federal Elections Commission's Proposed New Voting System Standards

FairVote's Leadership

FairVote's National Hava Committee Testimony

FairVote's Position on Proprietary Software and Paper Trails

FairVote's Programs

FairVote's State Voter Registration Agenda

FairVote's Voting and Democracy Research Center

FairVote�s Campaign for Free and Fair Elections in America

Faithless Electors

Favorite Son Effect

Faye Park

Featured FairVote Videos

FEC Voting Equipment Standards

Federal Election Integrity Act

Federal Primary Election Runoffs and Voter Turnout Decline, 1994-2008

Federal Runoffs Turnout Chart


Fidlar Doubleday (dealer for Diebold)


Filibuster 2005 - Who Represents America?

First Annual Birthday 'Celebration' for the Father of Gerrymandering

Flash Animations

Flaws with Voting Systems

Florida Election Administration

Florida Electoral Administration

Florida League of Women Voters

Florida Redistricting 2000

Florida Redistricting Watch


Forsyth County

Forward: A Pro-Democracy Commission for the United States

Four Reasons to Support Right to Vote Amendment

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Instant Runoff Voting

Full Representation

Full Representation in Action

Full Representation is Fair for Everyone

Full Representation Voting Systems

Full Representation vs. Single-Member Districts in States

Full Representation: Proportional Systems Promote Inclusion, Deliberation and Better Policy

Gallup Direct Election Polls Since 1944

Georgia Election Administration

Georgia Electoral Situation

Georgia Redistricting 2000

Georgia SoS Candidates

Get Involved

Get Involved

Get Involved

Get Involved in Your State

Getting Started

Glendale IRV Campaign Direct Mail




Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Voting and Democracy Terms

Granville County

Guide to Giving

Guide To Hand Counts

Guilford County

Hand Count Options for Public Elections

Hand counting choice voting elections using fractional transfers

Hart InterCivic

HAVA Testimony

Hawaii Election Administration

Hawaii Electoral Situation

Hawaii Redistricting 2000

HB 1070

HB 1078

HB 1286

HB 149 & SB 1093

HB 1498

HB 1937

HB 2420

HB 2857

HB 3700

HB 376

HB 661

HB 687

HB 741

HB 76

HB 836

HCA 33

HCA 39

HCA 44

HCA 45

HCR 1004

HCR 2026

HCR 2048

HCR 5036


Headshots for Press

Hendrik Hertzberg

High School Registration FAQ

Historical Quotes

History of African-American Success in Cambridge

History of Creating Congressional Districts

History of Proportional Voting in US


HJR 120

HJR 14

HJR 181

HJR 28

HJR 45

HJR 58

HJR 620

HJR 70



Horserace Talk

House Joint Resolution 36

House Joint Resolution 41

House of Representatives? Hardly.

How are Chris' "surplus votes" redistributed after counting first choices?

How Can We Achieve Fair Representation in Iraq?

How Choice Voting Works

How Full Representation Helps Women

How IRV Works

How the Electoral College Works Today

How to Register and Vote in U.S. Elections

How to use IRV for elections in your organization

How women suffer under winner-take-all

Howard Dean

Howard Dean on IRV (video)

Howard Dean on Mark Johnson Show

Howard Dean supports IRV in

Howard Dean�s 50-State Strategy

HR 1773

HR 5010

Idaho - Diversity

Idaho - HAVA/Machine Issues

Idaho - Open/Closed Primary

Idaho - Overview

Idaho - Plurality v. Majority

Idaho - Primary Competitiveness

Idaho - turnout

Idaho Election Administration

Idaho Electoral Situation

Idaho Redistricting 2000

Idaho SoS Candidates

Ideas for Boosting Democracy in 2007

Ignoring Your Vote

Illinois Cumulative Voting Legislation (SJRCA 37)

Illinois Drive to Revive Cumulative Voting

Illinois Election Administration

Illinois Electoral Situation

Illinois HAVA Testimony

Illinois Pending Legislation

Illinois Poll Shows Support for IRV

Illinois Redistricting 2000

Illinois Redistricting Watch

Illinois Senate Bill 1789, 92nd General Assembly

Illinois ties for last in presidential campaign attention

Illinois Voter Registration changes for College Students

Illinois' Drive to Revive Cumulative Voting

Impact of Increasing House Size

Implementing Choice Voting

Implementing the Vote

Important lessons learned for IRV advocates in Alaska

Improving the Constitution

In the News: Canada

In-Depth Articles and Reports on Instant Runoff Voting

Incumbency Bumps

Incumbent General Election Win Streaks

Indiana Election Administration

Indiana Electoral Situation

Indiana Redistricting 2000

Indiana SoS Candidates

Individual Endorsements

Instant Runoff Voting

Instant runoff voting (IRV) - a fairer way to conduct single-winner elections

Instant Runoff Voting -- The Cary Experience

Instant Runoff Voting and Ballot-Counting on Optical Scan Machines

Instant Runoff Voting and Its Impact on Racial Minorities

Interactive Exercises & Videos

Intern Resources (INTERNAL)

International Elections

International Olympic Committee Uses Form of IRV to Select London as Host City for 2012 Olympics

International Snapshot: Mexico 2006

International Snapshots

International Voter Turnout

Internships at FairVote

Interregional Primary Plan by Congressman Sandy Levin

Intro to Choice Voting


Introduction of a Constitutional Amendment to Abolish the Electoral College by Representative Ray LaHood

Introduction: Towards a more Representative Government

Iowa Election Administration

Iowa Electoral Situation

Iowa Redistricting 2000

Iowa SoS Candidates

IRV and Overseas Ballots

IRV at Carleton College

IRV at the Hip Hop Convention!

IRV Empowering Disenfranchised Military & Overseas Voters

IRV Endorsers

IRV Flash Animation

IRV flash animation

IRV for Austin, TX

IRV for Lousiana's Overseas Voters

IRV for Students

IRV in Hawaii

IRV in Utah Republican Party Conventions

IRV in Vermont

IRV in Your State

IRV Lawsuit News Conference

IRV Myths and Facts (FAQ)

IRV PowerPoint Demonstration

IRV Resolutions

IRV Resources

IRV Results from 2002 GOP Congressional Races

IRV vs. Runoffs

Israel Knesset Election 2006

IVS (Inspire)

Jack Santucci - Analyst

Jamin Raskin

Japanese Parliamentary Elections 2005

Jesse Jackson Jr.

Job Announcement: California Clean Money Campaign

Job Announcement: Mobilize the Immigrant Vote

John B. Anderson

John Cleese on PR (full length)

John Cleese Video (short version)

John McCain and Barack Obama Agree

John McCain endorses IRV in Alaska

John Stuart Mill on Proportional Representation

Johnston County

Josh Loh

Judge calls off agriculture race revote

Jurisdictions Using IRV for Military and Overseas Voters

Justice Thomas on Full Representation Voting Systems

Kansas Election Administration

Kansas Electoral Situation

Kansas Redistricting 2000

Kansas SoS Candidates

Katherine Spillar

Keep It Simple

Ken Ritchie

Kentucky Election Administration

Kentucky Electoral Administration

Kentucky Redistricting 2000

Kentucky SoS Candidates

Key Documents from August 2003 San Francisco IRV Litigation

Krist Novoselic on Washington State IRV Bill

Krist Novoselic, Chair

Landslide Index

Landslide Index

Landslide Index

Landslide Index Rankings

Laura Kirshner

Laura Liswood

Lawsuit to Seek IRV in San Francisco in 2003

LB 402

League of Women Voters Chapters Supporting Proportional Representation

League of Women Voters Demonstration Election

League of Women Voters Endorsements for Ranked Choice Voting

League of Women Voters of North Carolina - IRV Endorsement

Learning Democracy Project Advisory Committee

Learning Democracy Research Advisory Committee

Legal cloud over agriculture revote: State high court likely to get case

Legal Guidelines & Litigation


Legislative & Legal Resources

Legislative Elections in Mexico

Letter from Richard DeLeon

Letter Urging Ranked Choice Voting for Absentee Ballots

Letting the Voters Decide

Limited Voting -- A Simple, Compromise Proportional Representation Method

Limited Voting
A Simple, Compromise Proportional Voting Method

Limited Voting, Cumulative Voting and Choice Voting: A Comparison

Limited Voting, Cumulative Voting and Choice Voting: A Comparison of Three Non-traditional Voting Systems



Little-known Facts

Looking at the Numbers: Minority Rules

Louisiana Bill Calls For Early Voting For All

Louisiana Election Administration

Louisiana Electoral Situation

Louisiana Pending Legislation

Louisiana Redistricting 2000

Louisiana Senate Concurrent Resolution 25

Louisiana SoS Candidates

Louisiana's Nonpartisian Primary: Model or Travesty of Reform?

Lower/Single House Elections in the World's Democracies

LWV - Massachusetts IRV Position

LWV Arizona

LWV CA Election Systems Position

LWV Vermont

LWV Washington

LWVMN Position on Alternative Voting Systems

LWVSC Position

Lyndon B. Johnson: Special Message to the Congress Proposing Constitutional Amendments Relating to Terms for House Members and the Electoral College System

Maggie Vinter

Maine and Nebraska

Maine Election Administration

Maine Electoral Situation

Maine Redistricting 2000

Majority Rule in the World's Democracies

Make Your Voice Heard

Malia Lazu

Mandating Flexible Voting Equipment Purchases

Manual for Conducting a Choice Voting Handcount

Mapping Our Future: A Public Interest Guide to Redistricting 2000

Margaret McGaley on Ranked Voting

Mary Ryan - Program for Representative Government, Program Associate

Maryland Election Administration

Maryland Electoral Situation

Maryland Progressive Summit II

Maryland Redistricting 2000

Maryland Redistricting Watch

Massachusetts Election Administration

Massachusetts Electoral Situation

Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 54A (Provision for Choice Voting in Cambridge, MA)

Massachusetts Redistricting 2000

Massachusetts SoS Candidates

Matt Sledge

Matthew Morse

MAY's Washington DC Event

Media coverage of IRV during campaign season

Memo to editors on instant runoff voting in Vermont

Message from Common Cause Maine

Methodology and Notes

Mexico: Chamber of Deputies Election Results

Michigan Election Administration

Michigan Electoral Situation

Michigan Redistricting 2000

Michigan SoS Candidates


Minneapolis 2006

Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Bill Facilitates College Student Registration

Minnesota Daily

Minnesota Election Administration

Minnesota Electoral Situation

Minnesota Pending Legislation

Minnesota Redistricting 2000

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie

Minnesota SoS Candidates

Minorities and Proportional Voting

Mississippi Election Administration

Mississippi Electoral Situation

Mississippi Redistricting 2000

Mississippi SoS Candidates

Missouri Election Administration

Missouri Electoral Situation

Missouri Redistricting 2000

Misunderstandings about Choice Voting

Mixed Member Proportional Systems

Mixed Member Systems

Model Language

Model State Redistricting Reform Criteria

Modernizing Voting Equipment: Guidelines for Ensuring Security and Reliability

Modernizing Voting Equipment: Guidelines for Ensuring Security and Reliability

Modified At-Large Voting to Elect Texas Judges

Monopoly Politics

Monopoly Politics 2000

Monopoly Politics 2002: Full Report

Monopoly Politics 2002: How "No Choice" Elections Rule in a Competitive House

Monopoly Politics 2004: Even Less Competition Than in 2002

Monopoly Politics 2004: Projections in U.S. House Races

Monopoly Politics 2006

Monopoly Politics 2006

Monopoly Politics Alabama 2000

Monopoly Politics Alaska 2000

Monopoly Politics Arizona 2000

Monopoly Politics Arkansas 2000

Monopoly Politics California 2000

Monopoly Politics Colorado 2000

Monopoly Politics Connecticut 2000

Monopoly Politics Delaware 2000

Monopoly Politics Florida 2000

Monopoly Politics Georgia 2000

Monopoly Politics Hawaii 2000

Monopoly Politics Idaho 2000

Monopoly Politics Illinois 2000

Monopoly Politics Indiana 2000

Monopoly Politics Iowa 2000

Monopoly Politics Kansas 2000

Monopoly Politics Kentucky 2000

Monopoly Politics Louisiana 2000

Monopoly Politics Maine 2000

Monopoly Politics Maryland 2000

Monopoly Politics Massachusetts 2000

Monopoly Politics Michigan 2000

Monopoly Politics Minnesota 2000

Monopoly Politics Mississippi 2000

Monopoly Politics Missouri 2000

Monopoly Politics Montana 2000

Monopoly Politics Nebraska 2000

Monopoly Politics Nevada 2000

Monopoly Politics New Hampshire 2000

Monopoly Politics New Jersey 2000

Monopoly Politics New Mexico 2000

Monopoly Politics New York 2000

Monopoly Politics North Carolina 2000

Monopoly Politics North Dakota 2000

Monopoly Politics Ohio 2000

Monopoly Politics Oklahoma 2000

Monopoly Politics Oregon 2000

Monopoly Politics Pennsylvania 2000

Monopoly Politics Rhode Island 2000

Monopoly Politics South Carolina 2000

Monopoly Politics South Dakota 2000

Monopoly Politics Tennessee 2000

Monopoly Politics Texas 2000

Monopoly Politics Utah 2000

Monopoly Politics Vermont 2000

Monopoly Politics Virginia 2000

Monopoly Politics Washington 2000

Monopoly Politics West Virginia 2000

Monopoly Politics Wisconsin 2000

Monopoly Politics Wyoming 2000

Monotonicity and IRV -- Why the Monotonicity Criterion is of Little Import

Montana Election Administration

Montana Electoral Situation

Montana Redistricting 2000

Montgomery County Vacancy Elections Lobbying Packet

More Ideas for How to Use the Media

More Options

N.C. judge declines injunction over provisional ballots

N.C. officials resign over voting problems

N.C. voting problems: 2004 edition

NAACP Convention

NAACP Resolution

Nash County

Nation Button Contest, 2004

National HAVA Committee Testimony

National News on Redistricting

National Voter Registration Act

Nationally Known Secretary of State Recommends Instant Runoff Voting

Nebraska Election Administration

Nebraska Electoral Situation

Nebraska Redistricting 2000

Nebraska SoS Candidates

Nedap (N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek)

Negative Campaigning

Nevada Election Administration

Nevada Electoral Situation

Nevada Redistricting 2000

Nevada Redistricting Watch

Nevada SoS Candidates

New Brunswick

New Hampshire Election Administration

New Hampshire Electoral Situation

New Hampshire Redistricting 2000

New Hampshire Redistricting Reform Watch

New Hampshire Redistricting Watch

New Hanover County

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New Jersey Redistricting 2000

New Law Requires Workers To Learn About Constitution

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New Mexico Redistricting 2000

New Mexico SoS Candidates

New Orleans Absentee Ballot Requests - April 2006

New York City Council Set To Implement Innovative Voter Registration Plan

New York Election Administration

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New York Redistricting 2000

New York Redistricting Reform Bill A6287

New York Redistricting Watch


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Nikolas Bowie

Nina Moseley

No System is Perfect

Non-Majority U.S. Governors, 1948-2004

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North Carolina Redistricting Watch

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North Carolina Reform Rountables 2005

North Carolina Registration and Education Project

North Carolina's expensive, low-turnout elections

North Carolina's under-representation of racial and ethnic minorities

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North Dakota Redistricting 2000

North Dakota SoS Candidates

Northern Ireland 2007 Parliamentary Elections

Notable Quotables

NPV Factsheets for supporters and legislators

Oakland 2006

Oakland, CA

Of Spoilers and Minority Rule

Offended Democrat says Cobb should concede race

Office Space for Rent

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Ohio Redistricting Reform Watch HJR 13

Ohio Redistricting Reform Watch HJR 6

Ohio Redistricting Watch

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Oklahoma Redistricting Reform Watch

One set of rules for all political races, please

Onslow County



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Oregon Redistricting Watch

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Oscar insight: Proportional voting system makes for wide-open nomination picks

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Overview of some problems in North Carolina

Overview: Plurality Wins in Major American Elections, 1992-2004

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Pass the Right to Vote Amendment NOW

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Paul Fidalgo - Communications Director

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Pending Legislation

Pending Legislation

Pending Legislation

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Pete Martineau

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Pierce County IRV Animation

Pierce County, WA

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Plurality Rules Transform the 2000 Presidential Race: Al Gore and Ralph Nader

Plurality Winners in General Elections for Governors, 1948-2003

Plurality Winners in General Elections for Governors, 1948-2003

Plurality Winners in General Elections for Governors, 1948-2004

Plurality Winners in New York City Elections (2005)

Plurality Wins and Runoff Elections in US Congressional Primary Elections: 1994-2004

Plurality Wins Avoided by Runoffs in Primary or General Gubernatorial Elections, 1990-2002

Plurality Wins in the 1968 Presidential Race: The Impact of George Wallace

Plurality Wins in the 1980 Presidential Race: John Anderson's Role

Plurality Wins in the 1992 Presidential Race: Perot's Contribution to Clinton's Victory

Plurality Wins in U.S. House of Representatives


Poor Voter Turnout

Post-Mortem on the Successful Campaign to Enable Instant Runoff Voting In Santa Clara County Elections

Potential Impact of the District of Columbia Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act on the 2008 Presidential Election

Power of State Legislatures

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Preference Voting and Voter Turnout: The Case of Cambridge, MA

Premier AccuVote Machines Missed 0.4% of Ballots in Aspen (CO) Elections

Prepare a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

President-Elect Barack Obama

Presidential Elections and Plurality Wins: Selected Years

Presidential Elections Inequality: The Electoral College in the 21st Century

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Prince Edward Island

Program for Representative Government: Challenging Winner-Take-All with Proportional Voting

Proportional Representation in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Proportional Representation in Presidential Elections

Proportional Voting in Alabama

Proportional Voting - Get Plugged In!

Proportional Voting
Local Reform Advocacy

Proportional Voting and Winner-take-all: Analyzing Palestine's Legislative Elections

Proportional Voting Around the World

Proportional Voting Around the World

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Proportional Voting: The Next Step for Democracy

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Protect their vote while they protect us

Protect Your Voting Rights - Support Reauthortization of the Voting Rights Act

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Race and Cambridge Elections

Race in the 2001 City Council Elections

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Ranked Choice Voting for Rhode Island

Ranked Choice Voting Implementation

Ranked voting and election integrity

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Ranking the States

Ranking the States

Rashad Robinson

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Recent Turnout Decline

Record of Cambridge Municipal Election Invalid Ballots - 1941 to 2001

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Regional Lottery Plan by Larry Sabato

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Rep. Alcee Hastings' Congress 2008 Commission Act

Rep. Jackson introduces IRV bill


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Representation Index

Representation Index

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Representative Dennis Kucinich

Representative Gerald Ford (R-MI)

Representative Gerald Ford (R-MI)

Research Highlights: 2005 Year in Review

Resolution Supporting California�s Impact on the Democratic Presidential Nomination Process


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Richard Nixon: Special Message to Congress on Electoral Reform

Richie and Hill Respond

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Roadmap to Reform

Roadmap to Reform

Roadmap to Reform

Roadmap to Reform

Roadmap to Reform

Roadmap to Reform 2008

Roadmap to Representative Government

Rob Richie on the Air

Rob Richie speaks to American University about the value of universal registration

Rob Richie Testimony on NPV to Hawaii Legislators

Robert Richie - Executive Director

Robert's Rules of Order on Instant Runoff Voting

Robeson County

Rockingham County

Ross Margulies - Development Director

Rotating Primary Plan

Rule by the Non-Majority?

Run a demonstration IRV election

Ryan Griffin - IRV America Director

Ryan O'Donnell - Director, Presidential Elections Reform Program

Ryan Wonderland

SafeVote, Inc

Same Day Voter Registration Act of 2005

Sample Constitutional Amendment

Sample IRV Ballots

Sample IRV Motion

Sample IRV Resolution from Western Washington University

Sample Legislative Testimony on IRV - Spring 2006

Sample Legislative Testimony on IRV - Spring 2008

Sample Party Resolutions

Sample Proportional Representation Ballots

Sample Proportional Voting Legislation For Congress

Sample Resolution

Sample RFP's for Voting Equipment

Sample State Voting Rights Act

Sample Statutory Language for INSTANT RUNOFF VOTING

Sampling the Samples

San Francisco Charter Amendment for Instant Runoff Voting

San Francisco Ethics Commission Resolution

San Francisco Labor Coalition Resolution

San Francisco Ranked Choice Voting Resources

San Francisco's first use of Instant Runoff Voting is Big Success

San Francisco�s Experience with Instant Runoff Voting

SB 102

SB 105

SB 1114

SB 1122

SB 12

SB 1352

SB 198

SB 2211

SB 243

SB 267

SB 38

SB 45

SB 453

SB 581 & HB 1116

SCA 10

SCA 80


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School Election News

Seats to Votes Distortion

Seats to Votes Distortion

Seats to Votes Distortion

Seats-to-Votes Distortion Rankings


Senate Bill 346 & House Bill 84

Senate Joint Resolution 9

Senate Testimony on behalf of S 2081: Youth Voter Pre-registration

Senate Vacancy Elections

Senator Bob Dole (R-KS)

Senator John McCain

Sequoia Voting Systems

Seven British Cities Elect Mayors with IRV on May 2, 2002

Seven Ways to create 100% Voter Registration

Shaking Up Congress in Texas

Shorten Voter Registration Deadlines

Should Students Be Interested In Proportional Voting?

Shouldn't we hold elections when voters will actually turn out?

Sierra Club National Popular Vote Resolution

Sign Our Petition

Single Member Districts

Single Member Plurality Systems

Single-winner Voting Method Comparison Chart

Single-winner Voting Method Comparison Chart

Size Doesn't Matter

SJR 10

SJR 12

SJR 13

SJR 26

SJR 59


Slouching Toward Diversity

So Where Can You Use STV and Choice Voting?

Software for Choice Voting

South Carolina Election Administration

South Carolina Electoral Situation

South Carolina Redistricting 2000

South Carolina, a best practice case study for military and overseas voters

South Dakota Election Administration

South Dakota Electoral Situation

South Dakota Redistricting 2000

South Dakota SoS Candidates

Special Elections for Vacant US Senate Seats

Special Interests

Speeches for Direct Election

Spencer Overton on Universal Voter Registration

Spotlight on Reform: Illinois

Spotlight on Reform:
West Virginia Charter Review Commissions

Spotlight One

Spotlight Three: South Africa's 1994 Elections

Spotlight Two: Cambridge and Full Representation

SR 344

Start a Right to Vote Team

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State Profiles

State Progress on Voting Machines

State Rankings

State Statutory Provisions on Cumulative Voting in Board Elections of For-Profit Corporations

State Voting Rights Act Talking Points

Statement by FairVote Executive Director Rob Riche on Gov. Schwarzenegger's Veto of the National Popular Vote Plan

Statement of support for Alaska Ballot Measure 1

States using runoffs for statewide or federal office

Statutory language

Statutory Language

Statutory Language

Statutory Language for Cumulative Voting

Stephenson v Ann Arbor Board of Canvassers

Steve Hill on PR

Steven Hill (On Leave)

Steven Hoeschele

Student Disenfranchisement

Student Resources

Student Voting

Students at the Polls

Study of Undervotes in Recent Santa Monica Elections

STV Organizations and Corporations

Suggested Institutes

Summary of Senate Races 1992-2004


Support FairVote

Support for the American Plan

Support H.J. Res. 28


Supporters of Proportional Voting

Supreme Court Justice Harlan suggests the use of instant runoff voting

Survey of Swing State County Clerks

Take Action: Contact your legislators

Take Back America Conference 2003

Take Back America Conference 2004

Take Back America Conference, 2005

Talking to Local Officials About Voting Equipment

Tara J. Young - SoS Democracy Fellow

Tell Your Congressperson to Support Voting Rights

Template for Collecting Election Data

Ten Stories About Election 2006

Tennessee Election Administration

Tennessee Electoral Situation

Tennessee Redistricting 2000

Terry Bouricius (On Leave)

Terry Bouricius - Vermont Representative



Testimony for Colorado House on HB-1378 by Terry Bouricius

Testimony of Caleb Kleppner on Burlington�s instant runoff election

Texas Election Administration

Texas Electoral Situation

Texas Pending Legislation

Texas Redistricting

Texas Redistricting 2000

Text of House Joint Resolution Res. 28, The Right to Vote Amendment

The 100% Registration Project

The 1994 Rent Control Initiative in Massachusetts: A Window into Voting Patterns in Cambridge

The American Plan

The American Plan Factsheets

The Case for IRV

The Case for Proportional Representation

The Case for Reform

The DC Metro Project

The Delaware Plan

The Democrats' Paradox

The Election of Mexico's Congress: August 2003

The Election Services Group

The Electoral College

The Electoral Success of Women under Full Representation in America

The feasibility of instant runoff voting in Vermont: Options and issues for implementation

The Filibuster Majority

The Future of the Voting Rights Act

The Gerrymander and Money Myths

The GOP Turnout Machine Myth

The Help America Vote Act

The History of Cumulative Voting in Amarillo

The History of Single Member Districts for Congress

The History of Voter Registration in the U.S.

The Injustice of the Poll Tax and Why It Took a Constitutional Amendment to Stop It

The Instant Runoff Voting Solution

The IRV America Program

The League of Women Voters of Oakland

The Many Supporters of Change

The Matrix of U.S. Elections

The Matrix of U.S. Elections - Part Two

The Municipal Right to Vote

The Muppets use IRV

The National Popular Vote Plan

The National Popular Vote Plan and Direct Election of the President: An FAQ

The Perot Simulator

The Potential for Minority Rule in U.S. Congressional Elections

The Potential for Minority Rule in U.S. Congressional Elections

The Potential Tyranny of the Minority

The Problem

The Problem with Plurality Elections

The Problem with Two-Round Runoff Elections

The Program for Representative Government

The Proportional Voting Solution

The Proportional Voting Solution

The Right to Vote Initiative

The Shrinking Battleground: The 2008 Presidential Elections and Beyond

The Solution

The Solution

The States' Choice of Voting Systems Act H.R. 1173

The Untouchables

The Velvet Revolution

The Voting Rights Act

The Winner-Take-All Problem

The Young Democrats of America endorse

Theodore Berry and Full Representation

Third Party Candidates Elected to the House, 1902-2000

Third Party Elections

Throwing out ballots: Supreme Court ruling cast doubt on state, local races

Tips For Calling Your Member of Congress

Too many elective offices in N.C. turns off voters and also doesn't advance true needs of government

Torrey Dixon - Director of FairVote North Carolina

Toward Technical Standards for Voting Systems that Accommodate Ranked-Ballot Elections

Trouble Looms for Election Reform

U.S. Governors Elected by less than 50% of Votes: 1990-2004

U.S. Governors Elected by less than 50% of Votes: 1990-2004, by State

U.S. National Profile

U.S. Representative Peter Welch (VT)

U.S. Senate Elections and Plurality Wins

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

UC San Diego Adopts Instant Runoff Voting

UK Parliamentary Elections - 2005

Uncontested State Legislative Races 2002-2004

Uniform Election Standards and Real Accountability

Uniform Voter Registration Age--Resource Page

Uniformed and Overseas Citizen Absentee Voting Act



Universal Ballot Design Standards

Universal Voter Registration

Universal Voter Registration Legislation For Rhode Island

Universal Voter Registration: The Canadian Model

Universal Voter Registration: The Massachusetts Health Care Model

Universities/Colleges Currently Using Choice Voting

University of Washington Graduate Student Government uses IRV

Upcoming Conferences

Upgrade Democracy

User's Guide

User's Guide

Using Choice Voting in School Elections

Using Choice Voting in School Elections

Using IRV in Your School

Utah Attroney General Endorses Instant Runoff Voting

Utah Election Administration

Utah Electoral Situation

Utah GOP IRV Convention Results May 8, 2004

Utah Redistricting 2000

Utah Republican Convention Election IRV Results

Vague Values

Variable Names Used in the ROAD Data

Variations of Party List Proportional Systems: Closed List, Open List and Free List

Vassar Latest College to Adopt Choice Voting

Vendor and Jurisdiciton Equipment Surveys

Vendor Guidelines to Ensure Voting Equipment Capacity to Run Ranked-Choice Voting Methods

Vermont AFL-CIO Supports IRV

Vermont Election Administration

Vermont Electoral Situation

Vermont Grange Resolution

Vermont IRV Power Point Presentation by Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz

Vermont League of Women Voters

Vermont News Coverage from the FairVote Archives

Vermont Organizations Endorsing IRV

Vermont Redistricting 2000

Vermont SoS Elections

Vermont Towns Supporting IRV

Vermont's Statewide Election Method Needs Reform

Victories 2006: How We Did It

Victory Thresholds of Representation

Video Library

Virginia Election Administration

Virginia Electoral Situation

Virginia Redistricting 2000

Virginia Redistricting Watch

Vote Here, Inc

Voter Choice Act (HR 2690)

Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act

Voter Disenfranchisement

Voter disenfranchisement, lost votes, and counting irregularities

Voter Fraud

Voter ID Requirements

Voter Registration in High School

Voter Satisfaction in Cambridge 1991-2007

Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout Links

Voter Turnout Rankings

Voters' Choice Act of 2001

Voting Equipment

Voting Equipment Controversy

Voting Equipment Used in RCV Hotspots

Voting Equipment Vendor Survey (2002)

Voting Equipment Vendor Survey (2005)

Voting Opportunity and Technology Enhancement Rights Act of 2005

Voting Rights & Civil Rights Coalition Coordinator

Voting Rights Act

Voting Rights Act

Voting Rights Act ( as amended)

Voting Rights Act of 1965; August 6, 1965

Voting Rights Act Reauthorization:

Voting Rights For All U.S. Citizens/DC Representation

Voting Rights Laws and Amendments

Voting Systems Factsheets

Voting Technologies International

Wake County Board of Elections Answers to Questions on IRV Election Administration

Ward 5 Vacancy Election -- January 30, 2007

Washington Election Administration

Washington Electoral Situation

Washington HAVA Testimony

Washington Redistricting 2000

We Need Your Help


West Virginia Constitution, Article VI

West Virginia Election Administration

West Virginia Electoral Situation

West Virginia Redistricting 2000

What could Glendale do with saved tax dollars?

What Do Votes Have to Do With It?

What happens if my favorite candidate loses and my second choice can't use my vote?

What is Choice Voting?

What We Do - FairVote's Effective Advocacy and Communications

What Would Jefferson Do? excerpt

When Every Vote Counts: A Look at Proportional Voting

When the U.S. Government Endorses Full Representation

Where Does Your State Rank?

Who Picks the President?

Who Uses IRV?

Why I Like Proportional Representation

Why IRV?

Why is the victory threshold eight votes?

Why Would You Use STV in Campus Elections?

William Redpath, Treasurer

Winner-Take-All Systems

Winner-take-all vs. Full Representation

Wisconsin Election Administration

Wisconsin Electoral Situation

Wisconsin Redistricting 2000

Women and Proportional Voting

Women Representation

Women's Representation

Women's Representation Worldwide

Write a letter of support to your local paper

Write a Letter to the Editor

Write letters to the editor

Wyoming Election Administration

Wyoming Electoral Situation

Wyoming Redistricting 2000

Wyoming SoS Elections

Youth Voter Pre-registration

Youth Voter Turnout

Full Representation Articles
July 2nd 2009
Reforming Albany
New York Times

FairVote's Rob Richie responds in a letter to the editor making the case for proportional voting systems to bring substantive reform to New York's legislature.

February 4th 2009
Opinion: Now's the time to think of ideas for a new state government system
San Jose Mercury News

New America Foundation Fellow Micah Weinberg talks about ideas for a proposed California constitutional convention, including proportional voting, instant runoff voting, and decreasing the number of representatives per resident.

March 3rd 2008
Rules About Delegates Can Sway an Election

The Washington Post's Shankar Vedantam poses a hypothetical switch of rules between the Democrat and Republican primaries in an effort to see the effect of a proportional system on our process.

January 22nd 2008
Making the House of Representatives More Representative
Blog Critics Magazine

Op. Ed. calling for proportional representation for the United States House of Representatives, in order to provide citizens with more input into party platforms and prevent political balkanization.

January 21st 2008
Lib Dems may be offered PR as part of power-sharing deal
The Independent

Article discussing proposal by the ruling Labour Party to replace winner-take-all elections for the U.K. parliament with a form of proportional voting.

January 18th 2008
No dangling chads, old-fashioned all-paper process picks Oscar nominees
Canadian Press

Explanation of the choice voting method used for the Academy Awards, and how the process utilizes paper ballots, while producing a fair nominations process.

January 14th 2008
Represent all in Fiji�s voting system
Radio Fiji

Fiji's Prime Minister calls for proportional representation elections.

January 9th 2008
Academy hopes Oscars' red carpet not shredded (Excerpt)
Hollywood Reporter

Article excerpt discussing the Oscar balloting process, using choice voting, and how the system allows Academy members to vote with their hearts.

January 9th 2008
The glories of the �single transferable vote�
The Providence Journal

FairVote RI Director Ari Savitzky and RI State Rep. David Segal co-author an op. ed. showing how the Iowa Democratic Party caucuses function much like the choice voting method of proportional representation.

January 8th 2008
Oscar accountants lift veil on voting
Variety Magazine

PriceWaterhouseCoopers accountants explain how they conduct the choice voting balloting for the Academy Awards Oscars' nominations.

January 8th 2008
Explaining Oscar�s enigmatic ballot
Variety Magazine

Quick facts on the Oscar balloting process, and an explanation of the tabulation under choice voting.

January 5th 2008
Non-Republicans cheated out of fair representation
Salt Lake Tribune

Op. ed. discussing the benefits of proportional voting systems for Utah, given the state's inherent bias towards certain political parties under the single-member, winner-take-all system.

January 1st 2008
Pakistan and Feudalism
Asia Sentinel

Article discussing divisions and strife in Pakistan and noting that the winner-take-all elections should be replaced with proportional representation to ease tensions.

December 28th 2007
Alternative Electoral Systems: The Possibilities and Implications for Nigeria
Nigeria Vanguard Online

Editorial describing methods of proportional representation and suggesting their use in Nigerian elections.

December 28th 2007
House amends interim constitution

Brief news article discussing Nepal's recent decision to switch to proportional representation for legislative elections.

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