Recently we've:
  • Led efforts to achieve the first state win for the National Popular Vote plan in our home state of Maryland and helped expose competing Electoral College reform proposals as powergrabs with a well-regarded report and a Nation commentary;
  • Spotlighted the need and opportunity to put presidential primary reform with a website ( and major media appearances such as on NPR’s All Things Considered, a Nation cover story and Bloomberg Television;
  • Provided key logistical and financial backing for instant runoff voting (IRV) in three new ballot measure wins, the Vermont state senate’s vote to use IRV for congressional elections and IRV’s effective implementation in three cities;
  • Introduced and won state legislative support for our innovative policies on voting such as advance voter registration (starting voter registration when people turn 16), universal voter education and elections for U.S. Senate vacancies;
  • Contributed to several key legal victories for proportional voting based on the federal and state Voting Rights Act;
  • Organized the Claim Democracy conference that brought together hundreds of national, state and local reformers in a growing democracy movement;
See past year-end reports to our members here.