FairVote works closely with changemakers and scholars around the nation. In preparing for our annual reports, we've collected a number of comments about our work. Here are examples of those comments:

“FairVote brings an important voice to the democracy reform world – always looking for new ideas to invigorate democracy in America, and working with others to help bring those ideas to fruition. We need FairVote's out-of-the-box thinking to help us fix American democracy.” - Stuart Comtstock-Gay, Head of Demos’ Democracy Program

“The work that FairVote does on proportional voting is so important because it's one of the most important ways we can improve how democracy works. You’re really responsible for getting information out at a local level.” - Anita Earls, Southern Coalition for Social Justice and former deputy, U.S. Civil Rights Division of the Dept. of Justice

"When I'm looking for a unique take on the state of the nation's electorate, I always know Rob Richie and the team at FairVote are going to deliver. More importantly, I always am confident that the statistical framework from which their analysis is derived is never compromised. I've double-checked their work myself. So even if their conclusions are designed to spark debate, there's no questioning their integrity when it comes to the numbers they use to draw their conclusions." - Chuck Todd, Political Editor of NBC News and former Editor of The Hotline

"I am proud to support FairVote, which continues to do important work to bring real democracy to the United States." - Harvard law professor Lani Guinier

"FairVote is a strong advocate for returning government control back to American citizens, the highest officeholders in the land. Its work, particularly on redistricting reform, is important for the wellness of our democracy." - Congressman John Tanner (TN)

“FairVote is at the forefront of the struggle in the United States for electoral justice. I have enjoyed working with them on a range of campaigns to open up our elections, protect the right to vote and provide fair representation.”
-    Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL)

“FairVote's work as part of our Coalition has been invaluable. Your report on how the DC Voting Rights Act might impact the 2008 presidential election became the single most important document during negotiations with the House Democratic Leadership. That was true both because of how well the report was written and supported by research, but also because of FairVote's great reputation.” -  Ilir Zherka, Executive Director of D.C. Vote

“By grounding analysis of our elections in hard facts and willingness to adopt bold initiatives, FairVote forces us to ask hard questions about our democracy and the reforms that we embrace.”

- Michael Caudell-Feagan, Senior Officer, State Policy Initiatives, Pew Charitable Trusts

“FairVote seeks to perfect the great republican and democratic experiment that burst forth in 18th-century America. Instead of asking ‘What did Jefferson do?’ FairVote asks ‘What would Jefferson (and Madison and Hamilton and Washington) do today?’ Carrying the spirit of the Founders into the 21st century: that's FairVote's modest, yet audacious mission.” - Hendrik Hertzberg, Senior Editor, The New Yorker

“Pleased and Amazed. Those are two of the words that come to mind each time our League has worked with all of you at FairVote. Being another non-partisan organization, we have also appreciated being able to rely on the non-partisan and fair-handed approach from FairVote.  It is not easy to find good-government groups that truly fit that bill." - Barbara Klein, Vice-president League of Women Voters of Arizona

"Music and politics are both about people coming together. I've seen the music world transformed and see a desire today for changing politics, particularly among the young. By supporting FairVote as a board member and state reformer, I'm joining a forward-looking, positive new wave of democracy." - Krist Novoselic, author and former Nirvana bass player

“One of my proudest legacies as a Member and President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is implementing instant runoff voting. I worked on IRV with FairVote from the time I was elected in 2000. We developed a plan, won a place on the ballot, overcame $100,000 in negative attacks in winning at the polls in 2002 and persevered to see IRV implemented.”
-  Matt Gonzalez, former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors