Presidential Elections Reform Program
Elections for president of the United States do not treat Americans equally. Fewer than half of all voters are able to cast a meaningful vote in primary or general elections, and most states receive no attention from presidential campaigns. The president should be responsive and accountable to all of us, but our electoral rules undermine that necessary goal.

Our elections must be based on the principles of equality, competitive choice and one person, one vote. Electing the president through the Electoral College with 51 separate state elections, primary schedules that determine major party nominees before most states get to vote, and current rules governing political debates violate these principles.

America has a proud history of improving our democracy. FairVote’s Presidential Elections Reform Program supports reforms to provide voters with more exposure to candidates, to encourage a more inclusive nomination schedule and, above all, to adhere to the principle of one person, one vote through a nationwide popular vote for president. Our initial program focus is on seeking a national vote for president through constitutional change and action in the states.  We must act to keep presidential campaigns from focusing on a handful of states – both during the primary season and the general election cycle.