2009 Legislation

FairVote is currently tracking legislation in several states and at the federal level in Congress. These bills and acts all represent the growing, nation-wide interest in IRV as a way to address the many election issues facing the U.S. democratic system.  Below are links to useful places to search for current legislation for the 2008-2009 legislative sessions, as well as links to bills under consideration. 

TheNCSL Search Page also lists election reform legislation, including bills dealing with IRV.

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 California State Legislature

 AB 1121 would allow general law cities and counties in California to adopt ranked voting methods, such as instant runoff voting and choice voting.

3/26 Update: Referred to Committee on Elections and Redistricting. Hearing on 4/21.

4/21 Update: Passed Elections and Redistricting Committee with a do pass recommendation. Referred to Appropriations Committee.

Hawaii State Legislature


SB 670 would provide for instant runoff voting for all elections in which no primary election is held. It defines "instant runoff method". Also provides for method of voting, counting votes, and certifying results using the instant runoff method.

1/28 Update: Referred to Judiciary and Government Operations Committee.

Kentucky State Legislature


HB 238 amends various sections of KRS Chapter 118A to require voters in judicial elections, beginning with the election in 2014, to complete their ballots by ranking candidates in order of choice. It would eliminate primaries in judicial elections, require all judicial candidates to file petitions of candidacy, establish procedures for the State Board of Elections to follow in tabulating votes and determining the winners of judicial elections, and repeal KRS 118A.060, 118A.080, and 118A.090, relating to judicial primaries and regular elections. It would be effective in part on November 6, 2013, and in part on January 1, 2014.

3/5 Update: Posted in Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee.

 Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

 A motion was introduced by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas on March 31st to establish a commission to study the feasibility of using instant runoff voting for county special elections. The motion passed with a unanimous vote. The committee will report back to the Board on May 12th.

 Maine State Legislature

 LD 1344 would create a two year pilot project in which up to 10 municipalities would have the option to adopt instant runoff voting for elections in which there were three or more candidates.  At the end of the pilot, the Secretary of State would submit a report to the legislature with legislative recommendations.

3/31 Update: Referred to Committee of Legal and Veterans Affairs.

 Minnesota State Legislature

 HF 2052 and its Senate counterpart, SF 1820, would establish statewide standards for how to conduct instant runoff voting elections in home rule cities.  It would also require jurisdictions purchasing new voting equipment to select equipment capable of handling instant runoff voting election.

3/23 Update: HF 2052 Referred to State and Local Government Operations Reform, Technology and Elections Committee.

3/24 Update: SF 1820 referred to State and Local Government Operations and Oversight.

Missouri State Legislature

HB 463 would allow municipalities and other political subdivisions to conduct elections using instant runoff voting procedures

SB 303 would allow instant runoff voting for municipalities and political subdivisions.

1/28 Update: HB 463 read for second time.

2/5 Update: SB 303 referred to Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government Committee.

New Jersey State Legislature

SJR 43 would create a commission to study instant runoff voting.

3/6 Update: Referred to State Government Committee.

New York State Legislature

A 3281 would establish an instant runoff voting method for certain local elections for races with three or more candidates. It would insure majority support for elected officers.

3/31 Update: Referred to Election Law Committee.

Oregon State Legislature

SB 29 would allow county, city or metropolitan service district to adopt instant runoff voting system for nomination or election of candidates to county, city or metropolitan service district office.

SB 321 would allow county, city or metropolitan service district to adopt instant runoff voting system for nomination or election of candidates to county, city or metropolitan service district office.

Note: SB 321 was withdrawn in February 2009 in favor of SB 29.

1/22 Update: Public hearing held.

 Vermont State Legislature

H.396 would enact instant runoff voting for gubernatorial races in Vermont.

H.298 would enact instant runoff voting for vacancy elections for U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate seat.

2/26 Update: H.298 referred to Committee on Government Operations.

3/17 Update: H.396 referred to Committee on Government Operations.

Washington State Legislature

SB 5536 would provide a process and describe procedures for ranked choice voting in primary elections.

1/26 Update: Referred to Government Operations and Elections Committee.

2/10 Update: Public Hearing held.