Download Your Right to Vote Materials
  • Your Right to Vote Action Kit (pdf)  (.doc):  Take action with this kit - includes all the resources you will need to understand why the right to vote is so critical to the security and quality of our voting process.
  • Eight Reforms to Secure the Right to Vote (pdf): Distribute this one-page flyer highlighting eight reforms to advocate in the spirit of the right to vote amendment.
  • Petition: print and distribute copies of the Right To Vote Petition.  Don't forget to return completed copies to FairVote.
  • Factsheet (.pdf): a quick one-pager on the electoral issues Americans faced during the 2004 election
  • Student Activism (.pdf): Why youth really don't vote and what you can do about it
  • Yahoo Right to Vote Group: Join this group for up to date information on developments in the right to vote movement.  Ask questions, get answers and learn of sucesses across the country.
Recent Articles
October 19th 2009
Mandatory Voting? Automatic Registration? How Un-American!
Huffington Post

President of Air America Media, Mark Green, explains why Instant Runoff Voting, Automatic Registration and Mandatory Voting are not only important but could lead to a more democratic society.

September 30th 2009
Can a 17-year-old register to vote? It depends
Ventura County Star

"Most Californians register to vote not because a political cause has touched their heart, but rather because they checked a box on a form at the Department of Motor Vehicles when they received or renewed their driver´┐Żs license."

September 27th 2009
Giving teens a civic voice
The Fayetteville Observer

In January, North Carolina will become the third state to implement FairVote-endorsed youth preregistration.

September 8th 2009
Give voters final say on vacancies

The two legislators proposing a constitutional amendment mandating elections to fill Senate vacancies make their case in the pages of Politico.