Runoff Problems

Ashville Citizen-Times
Too many elective offices in N.C. turns off voters and also doesn't advance true needs of government. Account of runoff elections this summer in North Carolina, highlighting the low turnout and high cost.
August 21, 2004

The Charlotte Observer Do runoff elections reflect voters' will? Editorial suggesting that low turnout undermines recent runoff elections' legitimacy.
August 20, 2004

The Daily Tar Heel Bill seeks to revamp runoffs: Luebke to propose instant voting law. State Representative Paul Luebke's proposal to use instant runoff voting to end the runoff problems.
September 9, 2004

Early Voting

The Charlotte Observer Board rethinks Sunday voting. A proposal in Mecklenburg County to boost turnout by allowing early voting on a Sunday runs into controversy as partisan county commissioners dispute its fairness.
October 21, 2004

Lost Votes

The News and Observer
N.C. voting problems: 2004 edition. A brief rundown of the various electoral problems affecting several counties throughout North Carolina.
November 22, 2004

The Charlotte Observer N.C. Officials Resign Over Voting Problems. Account of election problems in Gaston County, which led to the resignation of two election board members.
December 16, 2004

The News and Observer Legal cloud over agriculture revote: State high court likely to get case. The lost votes in Carteret County lead to another statewide election being called for Commissioner of Agriculture, but the legality of this move is still unclear.
December 31,2004

Washington Daily News NC Offended Democrat says Cobb should concede race: The likely cost of a statewide revote increases feeling against it.
January 5, 2005

News Record Judge calls off agriculture race revote: No consensus on how best to settle the disputed race. January 13, 2005

The News and Observer
Concession ends doubt in agriculture post race Britt Cobb concedes, making Steve Troxler commissioner for agriculture.
February 5, 2005

Legal Disputes

ABC 11 N.C. Judge declines injunction over provisional ballots. Coverage of Republican candidate for Superintendent of Education Bill Fletcher's campaign to get the provisional ballots of voters who voted in the wrong precinct discounted.
November 29, 2004

Asheville Citizen Times One set of rules for all political races, please. Comment on how political parties attempt to twist election disputes to their own advantage.
December 31, 2004

The Charlotte Observer Throwing out ballots. The State Supreme Court rules in Fletcher's favor, and 11,310 provisional ballots cast in the wrong precinct are disqualified.
February 6, 2005

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