Roadmap to Reform
Felon Voter Enfranchisement

Florida: HB 1537/SB 2240
Sponsors: Representative Branyon and Senator Hill
This bill reinstates the voting rights of people convicted of felonies and immediately adds their voter information to the state’s voting rolls.
Status:Held in the Committee on Ethics & Elections, May 2008

New Jersey: A1212
Sponsor: Assembly Member Pou
This bill provides voter registration information to citizens on parole, probation and criminal sentences.
Status: Referred to Assembly State Government Committee, January 2008. Held in Senate Assembly.

New York: A06051
Sponsor: Representative Jeffries
This bill allows for the communication between the local board of elections and the department of corrections to send voter registration information to released convicts and felons.
Status: Referred to the Election Law Committee-January 2008. Held in State Assembly.
Sponsor: Representative Benjamin
This bill permits the distribution of absentee ballots to New York jails and gives the responsibility of registering inmates to the probation officers, the department of correctional services, and the division of parole.
Status: Held in Election Law Committee.
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