Roadmap to Reform
Civic Engagement Programs

California: AB 183
Sponsor: Assembly Member Coto
This bill requires that the Secretary of State provide voter registration forms and information to students in all high schools, community colleges, and campuses of the California State University and University of California. It mandates that all school districts with high schools report and publish voter registration efforts annually. Finally, it designates the last two full weeks in April and the last two full weeks in September as “high school voter weeks,” at which time deputy voter registrars can register students and school personnel on any high school campus.
Status: Vetoed by Governor January 2008

Florida: SB 112/HB 309
Sponsors: Senator Fasano and Representative Bendross-Mindingall
This bill encourages local school boards and the county supervisor of elections to work together in providing a comprehensive voter education program for all Florida high school students. The program includes how to register to vote, how to operate polling machines, the time and place of voting, the importance of voting, and sufficient resources to register students to vote.
Status:Held in Committee on Ethics & Elections, May 2008

Illinois: HB 5041
Sponsor: Representative Boland
This bill requires school boards to adopt a policy that conditions graduation on proof of valid voter registration for students who are 18-years-old or older.
Status: Died in the house upon adjournment of 95th Congress.

Maryland: HB 1258/ SB 869
Sponsors: Delegate Carter and Senator Pugh
This bill recommends that Baltimore City public high school teachers educate their students about the political process, including the federal, state, and Baltimore City election processes and their right to vote.
Status: Signed by the Governor April 24, 2008

HB 1616/SB 624
Sponsors: Delegate Ross and Senator Rosapepe
This bill requires public institutions of higher education to develop a specified plan to promote student involvement in the electoral process and requires those institutions to provide their students with the opportunity to register to vote or to update a voter registration record.
Status: Held in State Senate.

New York: A01168
Sponsor: Assembly Member Dinowitz
This bill designates all public schools as places to distribute voter registration information, encourages schools to teach students the process of voting and requesting absentee ballots. The bill also allows public universities in New York to receive voter registration and absentee ballot applications.
Status: Held in Assembly.
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