Get Involved
How Can I Get Involved?

Learn more about FairVote’s work at

  • Launch a local campaign for fair representation [.pdf - 89 KB]
  • Demand public interest voting machines ready to use proportional voting systems [.pdf - 123 KB]
  • Push your state legislature to create a state level Voting Rights Act  [.pdf - 188 KB]
  • Invite a FairVote representative to speak at a meeting of your friends, organization, city council, school board, political party, or company.
  • Adopt full representation voting systems for your student government elections at a local high school, college, or university.
  • Submit an opinion editorial in favor of full representation to your local newspaper.
  • Testify about the need for full representation at your local city council, school board, or student government meeting.
  • Join the Proportional Voting YahooGroups Listserv and stay in touch with other supporters to discuss proportional voting news and developments [HERE] or by emailing [email protected].


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