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South Dakota Election Administration
Chief Election Official(s): Secretary of State (View Website)
Election/Appointment Process:
Partisan Election
· Prescribes voter registration forms
· Determines ballot eligibility of parties
· Approves new voting systems/ devices
· Advertises statewide ballot questions by distributing a pamphlet listing pros/cons and a statement by the Attorney General.
· Prepares election calendar
· Canvasses election returns
· Handles statewide recounts with the assistance of the State Canvass board (consisting of the Secretary of State, Attorney General, a representative from the South Dakota Supreme Court, and a representative from the Governor's office.

Current Official(s): Chris Nelson
Public Office Experience:
State Election Supervisor, South Dakota Secretary of State, 1989-2002
Reelection/Reappointment Date:
Primary Date:
Nominated by state party conventions in late June.
Contact Information: Hon. Chris Nelson
Secretary of State
500 E. Capitol Building
Suite 204
Pierre, SD 57501
(605) 773-3537
Fax (605) 773-6580
[email protected]


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