Maine Redistricting 2000

Maine’s Political Lineup







State Senate

22D, 13R

17D, 17R, 1I

State House

97D, 54R

89D, 61R, 1I

US Senators

1R, 1D


US Reps

1R, 1D


Redistricting Deadline

An advisory commission must submit a plan to the legislature no later than 90 days after convening the 2003 session for state legislative and congressional plans. The Maine Legislature must adopt a plan within 30 days of receiving the plan.

Who’s in Charge of Redistricting?

The Advisory Apportionment Commission creates a plan, but the legislature can alter or disregard it. The commission has 15 members; the speaker and the house minority leader both appoint three, the senate president and minority leader both appoint two, the chairpersons of the two major parties both appoint one, and three members of the public. The state Supreme Court will draw a plan if the deadline is not met. The governor has veto power over both the congressional and state legislative plan.

Districting Principles



State Legis.





Political sub.



District cores


VRA § 5

+ = required             -- = prohibited         a = allowed

Public Access

The advisory commission holds public meetings, but most map-drawing is done in private.

Legal Issues

In 1993, the state Supreme Judicial Court reapportioned and redistricted the state legislative and congressional districts upon the Maine Legislature's failure to do so.

Irregularly Shaped District

Political Landscape

Because the advisory commission does not submit a plan until two years after receiving the census data, Maine did not redraw its district lines until 1994. The congressional district lines have been almost exactly the same since the 1960 census, and no big changes are expected in 2001-2.

Contact Information

Michael Saxl
Speaker of the House
2 State House Station
Augusta, Maine  04333
[email protected]