Wisconsin Redistricting 2000

Wisconsin’s Political Lineup



State Senate18D, 15R18D, 15R
State House57D, 42R

56R, 43D

US Senators1D, 1R2D
US Reps

5R, 4D

5D, 4R


Redistricting Deadline

There is no deadline for congressional redistricting. State legislative districts must be redrawn in the first legislative session following the census.

Who’s in Charge of Redistricting?

The legislature. No committees of jurisdiction have been determined as of yet. The governor has veto power over both congressional and state legislative district plans.

Districting Principles 



State Legis.

Compactness   +
Contiguity   +
Political subdivisions  


Communities of interest     
Cores of prior districts    
Protect incumbents    
VRA 5    

  + = required               - = prohibited

Public Access

Maps of Wisconsins old and new Congressional district maps are available here.

Redistricting statistics and information are available online.  In the 1990s there were workstations provided around the state at which the public could participate in the actual drafting of maps. In this round, citizens will be able to submit drafts online.

Political Landscape

Federal district lines changed little in 1991-1992, but the fact that Wisconsin is losing a congressional district and the divided control of redistricting likely will make the 2001-02 round of redistricting much more contentious. Democrats currently hold five of nine seats, but at least three of these seats could be vulnerable if district lines were changed and incumbents – such as long-time Member David Obey -- were to step down.

Legal Issues

The Democratic-controlled legislature and the Republican governor failed to agree on a redistricting plan for state legislative districts in 1991. A federal panel enacted a plan in 1992.

Irregularly Shaped District

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