We're glad that you've decided to check out how YOU can help implement proportional representation - via Choice Voting and the Single-Transferable Vote - at your school. FairVote believes in fostering communities and supporting initiatives everywhere that ensure fairer, more representative forms of democracy and governance.

This section was designed specifically with universities and colleges in mind and is, consequently, brand new (read: quasi-under construction). We, therefore, wholeheartedly encourage any feedback you may have. Questions and comments should be addressed to our Director for Representative Government, Amy Ngai. You may reach her at [email protected]. In the meantime, we hope you find the information (and there is a fair bit of info!) contained in these pages both educational and useful.  Here is a brief summary of the information you will find in this section:

Why Choice Voting
  • Intro to Choice Voting and the Single Transferable Vote (STV)
  • Using it in Campus Elections
  • Where You can use Choice Voting
  • Why You Would Use Choice Voting
  • Schools Who Currently Use Choice Voting/STV
Getting Started
  • Campus Action Kit
  • Using Your Campus Media
  • Sample Documents
Implementing Choice Voting/STV
  • Software for STV
  • Guidelines for Handcounting Ballots
  • Powerpoints and Slideshows
Additional Info
  • Terminology Made Easy
  • Detailed info on Proportional Representation and Choice Voting
  • Choice Voting in Action
  • Myths About Choice Voting/STV
  • FAQs
University of California, Davis
  • A Campus to Community Success Story
We wish you the best of luck in your campaign to make your campus elections more fair and representative of your student body! Remember: FairVote is both a resource for you and an action-oriented organization dedicated to electoral reform. Contact us at anytime for more info: [email protected]
Recent Articles
October 19th 2009
A better election system
Lowell Sun

Election expert Doug Amy explains how choice voting can "inject new blood" into the elections of Lowell (MA), and give voters a greater incentive to participate.

October 16th 2009
Haven't Detroit voters spoken enough?
Livingston Daily

In Detroit, there have been three mayors in the past two years and the current one has come under scrutiny. Perhaps a system like instant runoff voting will help bring political stability to motor city.

August 21st 2009
Black candidate for Euclid school board to test new voting system
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Limited voting, a form of proportional voting, will be used in Euclid (OH), in the hopes of allowing better representation of minorities.

July 2nd 2009
Reforming Albany
New York Times

FairVote's Rob Richie responds in a letter to the editor making the case for proportional voting systems to bring substantive reform to New York's legislature.