Electoral Reform In Canada
Electoral DysfunctionThe advantages of proportional voting are gaining recognition across Canada. Fair Vote Canada is the leading organization working for voting reform in the country, analyzing election results and summarizing developments in the country's electoral reform calendar. The group recently broke down outcomes of the January 2006 winner-take-all federal election, finding several examples of what it calls "electoral dysfunction."

New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton recently has brought proportional voting to the fore. He has made it a cornerstone of recent reelection campaigns, advocating a referendum to reform the electoral system. He made proportional voting's adoption a condition of NDP support for the Liberal minority government last year.

On the national level, the Law Commission of Canada has an electoral reform project that aims to spark public dialogue on the different choices in voting systems, in partnership with Fair Vote Canada. See also Maple Leaf Web for a guide to voting systems and electoral reform, as well as Democracy Watch, a Canadian group that advocates democratic change.

Provinces currently considering electoral reform include New Brunswick, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia and Quebec.

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