Instant Runoff Voting
FairVote IRV animation about problems with plurality and runoff elections, and the advantages of IRV.

FairVote IRV animation for students explaining the spoiler problem and what IRV can do to fix it for a student audience.

Commissioner Mulroy's Elevator Explanation of IRV: Shelby County (TN) Commissioner, Steve Mulroy, explains the benefits of Instant Runoff Voting in 15 seconds.

Elect-A-Date animation from FairVote MN: a spoof dating show comparing plurality elections and IRV.

Voting reform animation created in support of the 2006 ballot initiative for IRV in Pierce County, WA.

Howard Dean explains why he supports IRV.

Video advocating IRV for Cary, NC.

Voters in Cary, NC answer are interviewed about their new IRV system.