Write letters to the editor

Help us create both local and national media attention to support direct election and abolish the outdated Electoral College by writing a letter to the editor or an op-ed piece for your newspaper. 

Tips for writing letters to the editor:
  • Be brief and focus on one issue. Most newspapers reserve the right to edit letters that are too long.  Letters to the editor should be no more than 150-160 words.
  • Get personal.  Relay personal experiences or stories to add a unique, individual touch to your interest in electoral reform.
  • Keep it simple.  You may have great opinions on lots of issues, but only discuss one issue in your letter to the editor.
  • If possible, refer to local events or recent articles that have appeared in the newspaper. Be sure to include the date and title of any article or editorial you reference.
  • Encourage readers to speak out or contact their legislators about the issue.
  • Give your address and phone number. Most newspapers will want to verify that you actually wrote the letter before they print it.
  • If your letter to the editor is published, please let us know by emailing  info(at)fairvote.org
  • We also suggest clipping your published letter to the editor and mailing or faxing it to relevant legislators.

For more talking points, see Concerns with the Electoral College and Reform Options.

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