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Youth Voter Pre-registration

Advance voter registration is back in 2009!

A uniform voter registration age of 16 will make our registration system simpler and more connected to civic education and engagement. By getting more young people registered early, allowing them to vote as soon as they become eligible, advance registration fosters democracy for generations to come.

This year in Rhode Island State Rep. Edwin Pacheco in the House and State Sen. Rhoda Perry in the Senate have sponsored advance registration. Passing H 5005 and S 85 will be a major step towards closing the registration gap and fostering a culture of political participation and civic engagement in the Ocean State.

Take action on the bills! Click here to send an email about youth voter pre-registration to the General Assembly leadership.

In 2008, FairVote supported an identical pair of bills. After passage by wide bipartisan majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, the bills were vetoed. Here are background documents from last year on youth voter pre-registration:

* A 2008 letter from former FairVote RI Director Ari Savitzky to the members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.

* Testimony on S 2081 submitted to the Senate Judiciary committee by FairVote RI.

* A one-pager on H 7106 submitted to the House judiciary committee by FairVote RI.

* A list of more than 25 local organizations that have endorsed advance voter registration.

* A graphic representation of the "registration gap," based on data from the US Census Bureau.

* A longer policy briefing from FairVote RI on advance voter registration in Rhode Island.