Data Available
March 2004

You can download data for selected years from Michigan and Pennsylvania as well as data from 1984-1990 for all all 50 states, except California, and DC in Microsoft Excel files.  Please contact us if you'd like data in another file format.

Michigan: State House and Senate, 1968-1978 (some years missing) (.xl 147kB)

Pennsylvania (.zip 434kB)
  • State legislature, 1948-2002, excepting 1994 and 1996
  • US House, 1984-2002
1984-1990: State legislative and US House elections from the ROAD Project.

First, you should check out the variable names used with this data.  Then precede to the bottom of this page where you can download single zip files for each state  Please email info*AT* including your name, organization and address if  you'd like to receive a single zip file containing all the data from every state (your information will never be used for solicitation purposes or be sold to outside organizations).  The ROAD Project contains election data at the precinct level for all 50 states 1984-1990 except AK (1984), CA (1984-1990), DC (1986-1990), IN (1990), TX (1984, 1986, 1990).  It includes the odd-year elections from VA (1985, 1987, 1989) and NJ (1985, 1987, 1989).

The following links allow you to download a single zip file containing Excel spreadsheets for each year's election for which data is available.

Alabama (.zip 1.47mB)                 Montana (.zip 610kB)       
Alaska (.zip 242kB)                      Nebraska (.zip 1.22mB)    
Arizona (.zip 1.79mB)                   Nevada (.zip 738kB)       
Arkansas(.zip 1.5mB)                   New Hampshire (.zip 456kB)
California                                      New Jersey (.zip 5.24mB)
Colorado (.zip 1.74mB)                 New Mexico (.zip 962kB)
Connecticut (.zip 483kB)               New York (.zip12.8mB)
Delaware (.zip 206 kB)                 North Carolina (.zip 3mB)
District of Columbia (.zip 22kB)     North Dakota (.zip 1.22mB)
Florida (.zip 3.15mB)                     Ohio (.zip 8.2mB)
Georgia (.zip 2.12mB)                   Oklahoma (.zip 1.72mB)     
Hawaii (.zip 192kB)                       Oregon  (.zip 1.66mB)
Idaho (.zip1.04mB)                       Pennsylvania (.zip 5.8mB)             
Illinois (.zip 9.69mB)                     Rhode Island (.zip 437kB)        
Indiana (.zip 2.98mB)                   South Carolina (.zip1.32mB)
Iowa (.zip 1.75mB)                       South Dakota (.zip1.1mB)
Kansas (.zip 1.91mB)                    Tennessee (.zip 1.41mB)
Kentucky (.zip 1.71mB)                 Texas (.zip 1.02mB)
Louisiana (.zip 1.15mB)                Utah (.zip 1.02mB)
Maine (.zip 445 kB)                       Vermont (.zip 456kB)
Maryland (.zip 1.04mB)                 Virginia (.zip 1.57mB)
Massachusetts (.zip 1.33mB)        Washington (.zip 5.41mB)
Michigan (.zip 7.47mB)                  West Virginia (.zip 2.16mB)
Minnesota (.zip 2.37mB)               Wisconsin (.zip 1.91mB)
Mississippi (.zip 815kB)                 Wyoming (.zip 632kB)
Missouri (.zip 2.45mB)