* board officer

Pete Martineau
Pete Martineau has been a member of FairVote since 1993, and has been an activist for proportional voting and instant runoff voting nationally and in California since 1992. He is on the legislative committees of AARP, the California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) and the policy board of the Consumer Federation of California. He is a director of Californians for Electoral Reform, one of the strongest membership organization in the nation working for fair voting systems. Among his reform achievements are persuading California AARP to support the instant runoff voting ballot initiative in San Francisco in 2002 and modify the national AARP policy book to include language that full and fair representation be a criterion in any US electoral reform efforts.

Pete is a retired Air Force pilot and Vietnam combat veteran. In 1979, he retired from the Pentagon, where he was a financial manager, and went on to serve as a consultant in total quality management, engaging in training and lecturing nationwide.