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January 27th 2009
Cheh eyes same-day sign-up to vote
The Washington Times

The Washington, DC City Council is considering a range of election reforms, including same day registration and no-excuse absentee voting.

October 17th 2008
October 17th Update on Presidential Visits and Spending

FairVote's press release shows that in the "Swing States of America," candidates ignore a majority of states and follow voting patterns of 2004 Presidential Election.

August 25th 2008
Political process edges out the public
The Buffalo News

FairVote's Adam Fogel quoted in an option piece in the Buffalo News that argues that the government should make it easier for New Yorkers to vote.

August 8th 2008
City should elect, not appoint, new alder
The Capital Times (Madison, WI)

Editorial calls for IRV to full City Council Vacancies in Madison, WI

July 16th 2008
How to make local races for Legislature meaningful
The Capital Times, Madison, WI

Editorial suggesting that PR and IRV might beneficially increase competition in Wisconsin elections.

May 12th 2008
Disenfranchised Over There
The Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard showcases a column this week about military members' disenfranchisement

April 27th 2008
Few states allow overseas troops to vote by e-mail
Associated Press

The Associated Press reports, only 13 states are embracing technology and allowing troops station oversees to vote online

April 24th 2008
Weekend voting would improve electoral system

Senator Kohl writes an op-ed piece in the Leader-Telegram in support of voting on the weekend

December 10th 2007
Minnesota's Election Day Registration Draws Young People To The Polls
MTV News

MTV News reports that Minnesota's Election Day Registration law increases youth voter turnout and enhances security at the polls.

October 4th 2007
Fumbling toward democracy
The Hill

FairVote�s program director argues that states should use elections to fill U.S. Senate vacancies.

October 4th 2007
Over Before It is Done
LA City Beat

Columnist Andrew Gumbel shows support for the American Plan to repair our broken presidential primaries.

August 26th 2007
Leapfrogging toward a presidential nominee
the Portland Press Herald

Imagine "It's a Wonderful Life" interrupted by negative campaign ads, and you get a sense of what we're in for if the primary states continue to fight to be first.

June 6th 2007
Our View: Lawmakers can improve voter turnout rate by making registration easier
The Fayetteville Observer

The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina) editorial board supports same-day voter registration.

May 30th 2007
An easier path to voting
The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe editorial board endorses same-day voter registration.

March 28th 2007
Same-day registration for voters receives OK
The DesMoines Register

Iowa will become the 8th state to allow same-day voter registration.