Utah Articles:
February 26th 2009
Senate Passes Bill Giving the District a House Vote
The Washington Post

The U.S. Senate passed the DC House Voting Rights Act, but attached an amendment that would eliminate most of the District's gun control laws.

February 24th 2009
Drive to enfranchise DC clears Senate hurdle
Associated Press

The U.S. Senate votes 62-34 to move the DC House Voting Rights Act forward.

February 18th 2009
�We�ll Take It�
The New York Times

The New York Times Editorial Board endorses the DC Voting Rights Act of 2009.

January 28th 2009
Hoyer Says He Will Soon Bring Bill to House Floor
The Washington Post

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer vows to bring the DC House Voting Rights Act to the floor "in the very near future."

January 17th 2009
D.C. Voting Rights Bill Set for Hearing
The Washington Post

The House Judiciary Committee is set to hear testimony on the DC House Voting Rights Act (H.157) on Tuesday, January 27.

April 26th 2008
ACLU report: Ogden mayor's campaign actions highlight need to strengthen
The Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune reports, ACLU seeks changes in Utah election laws

January 5th 2008
Non-Republicans cheated out of fair representation
Salt Lake Tribune

Op. ed. discussing the benefits of proportional voting systems for Utah, given the state's inherent bias towards certain political parties under the single-member, winner-take-all system.

December 17th 2007
Residents Keep D.C. Vote Fight Brewing
The Washington Post

FairVote partner, DC Vote, holds a "tea party" at the Georgetown Waterfront to end taxation without representation in Washington, D.C.

October 22nd 2007
'Yes' on instant runoff voting
Herald Tribune

Local editorial on why instant runoff voting could be a good option for Sarasota (FL), and "deserves to be approved."

September 19th 2007
A 'Palpable Injustice'
The Washington Post

The Washington Post Editorial Board responds to the U.S. Senate's refusal to grant citizens of Washington, D.C. full voting rights.

September 17th 2007
D.C. Voting Rights
The Washington Post

The Washington Post calls attempts to block legislation allowing the District a vote in the U.S. House "inexcusable."

September 13th 2007
Failing Electoral College
The Nation

FairVote executive director Rob Richie explains how the National Popular Vote plan is the solution to the gross inequalities of the Electoral College system.

September 12th 2007
A Vote the District Deserves

The co-sponsors of the D.C. Voting Rights Act of 2007 defend the constitutionality of giving D.C. residents full voting rights and fair representation in the people's house.

September 11th 2007
D.C. vote threshold
The Washington Times

Influential African American Republicans, former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele and former Rep. J.C. Watts, endorse the D.C. Voting Rights Act.

September 7th 2007
Outlook Improves for Quick Action in Senate
The Washington Post

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hopes to bring the D.C. Voting Rights Bill to the floor during the week of September 17th.