West Virginia Articles:
May 9th 2008
Secretary of State says mass mailing has caused confusion
Charleston Daily Mail

Charleston Daily Mail reports, Women's Voice, a local organization in West Virginia, confused voters with a mailer

May 5th 2008
Summer campaign guide
New York Times Upfront

FairVote's Adam Fogel discusses the surge in youth voter turnout in the presidential primaries.

April 12th 2008
West Virginia Secretary of State Race

West Virginia Secretary of State candidates each claim, if elected, they will update campaign finance laws, improve voter turnout and revamp polling places

September 9th 2007
A most undemocratic reform
San Francisco Chronicle

The absurdities inherent in the congressional district method of allocating California's electoral votes.

June 28th 2007
States encourage high school students to register to vote

Electionline.org features FairVote in its top story about high school voter registration.

April 2nd 2007
Sidestepping the Electoral College
The Journal - Martinsburg Journal (WV)

Editorial page editor applauds the National Pouplar Vote plan for president in a commentary.

March 6th 2007
Voter registration set at high schools around county
The Montgomery Herald

Fayette County (WV) Clerk Kelvin Holliday makes 100 percent registration a reality in local high schools.

March 9th 2004
A Right to Vote
International Herald Tribune- Paris