Nebraska Articles:
May 5th 2009
Larry R. Bradley and Rob Richie: To increase voter turnout, try a more efficient election process
Omaha World-Herald

Op-ed by author Larry Bradley and FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie on why Omaha should dump its low turnout primaries in favor of instant runoff voting.

August 25th 2008
Political process edges out the public
The Buffalo News

FairVote's Adam Fogel quoted in an option piece in the Buffalo News that argues that the government should make it easier for New Yorkers to vote.

May 1st 2008
Constitutional amendment allowing 17 year-olds to vote going on the ballot

The Connecticut Legislature unanimously passed a constitutional amendment allowing 17-year-old primary voting. The issue will be on the ballot in November.

April 30th 2008
Majority Rule at Last
Washington Monthly

The Brennan Center's Michael Waldman lays out the case for the National Popular Vote Plan for electing the president.

February 18th 2008
A fix for the Electoral College
The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe endorses the National Popular Vote plan.

January 22nd 2008
Pa. lawmakers push to give primary vote to 17-year-olds
The Philadelphia Inquirer

PA legislators look to follow Maryland's lead by allowing 17-year-old primary voting.

January 22nd 2008
Making the House of Representatives More Representative
Blog Critics Magazine

Op. Ed. calling for proportional representation for the United States House of Representatives, in order to provide citizens with more input into party platforms and prevent political balkanization.

October 1st 2007
Electoral College Reform?
Washington Lawyer

A thorough look at the ins and out of the Electoral College, featuring insight from FairVote chairman John Anderson in this cover story.

September 19th 2007
The manipulators are ready to tilt the next election
Seattle Times

Why Washington's Legislature should consider joining Maryland in the National Popular Vote compact and "respect the choice of the people in 2008."

September 2nd 2007
How to divvy up state's electoral votes?
San Diego Union Tribune

A primer on the rival methods of allocating electoral votes in California, featuring analysis from FairVote.

August 21st 2007
A critical reform in presidential elections
The Napa Valley Register

The author explains how the Electoral College allows a candidate to become president despite losing the nationwide popular vote. He argues that Congress has blocked past attempts to reform the system, but now National Popular Vote offers a way out.

August 12th 2007
States Try to Alter How Presidents Are Elected
New York Times

NY Times article on the attempt by California and North Carolina to award their Electoral College votes by congressional district. It draws on FairVote's report on the issue to outline the flaws of this method.

August 7th 2007
A Red Play for the Golden State

Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter explains how the proposal to award California's and North Carolina's electoral votes by congressional district are motivated by short-term political gain.

August 2nd 2007
The New Yorker

FairVote board member Hendrik Hertzberg writes on the folly of the statewide and national implications of the congressional district electoral vote scheme.

May 15th 2007
State Mostly Ignored by Candidates
Charlotte Observer

The North Carolina State Senate passes the National Popular Vote plan by a vote of 30-18.