Wyoming Articles:
February 18th 2009
�We�ll Take It�
The New York Times

The New York Times Editorial Board endorses the DC Voting Rights Act of 2009.

August 25th 2008
Political process edges out the public
The Buffalo News

FairVote's Adam Fogel quoted in an option piece in the Buffalo News that argues that the government should make it easier for New Yorkers to vote.

January 28th 2008
The hunt for delegates
San Jose Mercury News

FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell comments on the impending delegate count and the need for reform in the presidential primary process.

December 10th 2007
Minnesota's Election Day Registration Draws Young People To The Polls
MTV News

MTV News reports that Minnesota's Election Day Registration law increases youth voter turnout and enhances security at the polls.

October 4th 2007
Fumbling toward democracy
The Hill

FairVote�s program director argues that states should use elections to fill U.S. Senate vacancies.

October 1st 2007
Electoral College Reform?
Washington Lawyer

A thorough look at the ins and out of the Electoral College, featuring insight from FairVote chairman John Anderson in this cover story.

September 2nd 2007
How to divvy up state's electoral votes?
San Diego Union Tribune

A primer on the rival methods of allocating electoral votes in California, featuring analysis from FairVote.

July 17th 2007
Independents Roil Vote
Hartford Courant

FairVote's own Paul Fidalgo and Rob Richie say a potential "spoiler" problem in the upcoming presidential election points to the need for a national popular vote and instant runoff voting.

June 11th 2007
Instant runoffs might be fix for voter fatigue
The Los Angeles Times

News report on growing interest in instant runoff voting in Los Angeles.

May 30th 2007
An easier path to voting
The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe editorial board endorses same-day voter registration.

March 28th 2007
Same-day registration for voters receives OK
The DesMoines Register

Iowa will become the 8th state to allow same-day voter registration.

February 15th 2007
Real Democracy Or Dystopia

New America's Steven Hill highlights America's crossroads: a diminishing role for voters in dumbed down elections or real democracy characterized by diverse legislatures, fair media and a directly elected president.

October 22nd 2004
Electoral College Football
CBS News

The 220-year-old Electoral College may be the bane of Election 2004. If the Electoral College ties in a 269-269 vote, some outlandish scenarios become plausible for the election of our nation's highest leader.