Vermont Articles:
June 17th 2009
Instant Runoff Elections are a Vote for Civility
Yes! Magazine

Fair Vote's Executive Director, Rob Richie, explains how IRV is greatly benefiting the election process of Burlington, Vermont.

May 15th 2009
City attorney: IRV vote must wait
Burlington Free Press

Article on Burlington City Attorney's decision that any attempt to repeal instant runoff voting must come during a regularly scheduled election, not during a special election.

May 14th 2009
Let's Make Every Vote Count
The Nation

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the Nation magazine, highlights FairVote's research in an important piece on the "broad support" growing in the states for the National Popular Vote plan to elect the president.

May 4th 2009
My Turn: Why Burlington's IRV system works
Burlington Free Press

Vermont League of Women Voters member Keri Toksu clears up some misconceptions about instant runoff voting, and talks about why the system is superior to the alternatives.

March 18th 2009
In Defense of IRV
Seven Days

FairVote's Terry Bouricius explains why Burlington's elections are much better under instant runoff voting than they were when the city used runoff elections.

March 13th 2009
Instant runoff elections
The Caledonian Record

Letter to the editor urging the expansion of instant runoff voting beyond Burlington to statewide elections in Vermont.

March 11th 2009
What Are We, Stupid?
Seven Days

Seven Days writer Shay Totten takes a look at Burlington's recent instant runoff voting election.

March 10th 2009
Letters to the Editor
Burlington Free Press

Letters to the Editor in the Burlington Free Press praising the city's recent instant runoff voting method.

March 3rd 2009
Kiss Wins in Instant Runoff Voting

Incumbent Progressive Mayor Bob Kiss wins Burlington, Vermont's second instant runoff voting election.

March 3rd 2009
Kiss re-elected by narrow margin
Burlington Free Press

Incumbent Mayor Bob Kiss won reelection in Burlington's second election using instant runoff voting.

March 3rd 2009
Burlington's Has Second Highly Successful Ranked Choice Voting Election
Seattle Weekly

FairVote Board Chair Krist Novoselic on Bulington's instant runoff voting election for mayor.

March 3rd 2009
Burlington Holds Second Highly Successful Instant Runoff Voting Election
Huffington Post

FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie comments on Burlington's successful instant runoff voting election for mayor.

March 2nd 2009
My Turn: City voters fortunate to have IRV
Burlington Free Press

Vee Gordon, the legislative chairwoman of the League of Women Voters of Vermont, discusses why she thinks Burlington voters are lucky to vote in instant runoff voting elections.

March 1st 2009
Instant runoff likely in Burlington
Burlington Free Press

Article breaking down the competitive race to be Burlington's next Mayor, and why it is likely to go to instant runoff voting.

March 1st 2009
Burlington Politics More Civil These Days

Report on how Burlington politics has gotten more civil over the years cites instant runoff voting as a reason why.