Washington Articles:
October 25th 2009
CHARTER AMENDMENT 3: County voters would lose power
The News Tribune

Amendment 3 to the Pierce county charter is an attempt by incumbent politicians to rig the system and prevent any serious challengers from competing. IRV is simply too fair and too democratic to not keep using in our electoral system.

October 18th 2009
Pierce County voters should keep ranked-choice voting
The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times recommends a No vote on Pierce County Charter Amendment 3, which would repeal ranked-choice voting.

October 18th 2009
RCV: System results in more candidates
The News Tribune

Susan Eidenschink thinks that RCV should continue to be used in Washington.

September 28th 2009
Auditor trying to discredit ranked choice
The News Tribune

Letter to the editor: Washington Local believes that the Pierce County Elections Department's Auditor is wasting taxpayer money by not refusing to use ranked choice voting.

September 8th 2009
A better election alternative for King County: ranked-choice voting
Seattle Times

Washington State activist writes, "take it both from the grass roots and from those who study elections for a living. We can save money, increase turnout and encourage positive campaigns by allowing our county's voters to consider adopting RCV."

August 10th 2009
Commentary: A cure for the political nomination process
Cleveland Plain Dealer

FairVote's Rob Richie and Paul Fidalgo offer a way to give everyone a say in presidential nominations while retaining the valuable state-by-state evaluation process. This piece also ran in McClatchy's newswire.

June 14th 2009
Grunge party politics

FairVote Board Chair Krist Novoselic is running for County Clerk in Wahkiakum Co, WA to awareness of problems with Washington's open primary system and support for IRV.

June 13th 2009
Registration And Voting On Same Day Sought in D.C.
The Washington Post

The D.C. City Council considers a variety of election reforms, including same day registration, advance registration for 16-year-olds and 17-year-old primary voting.

June 11th 2009
Don�t call Pierce County�s ranked choice voting weird just because it�s different
Tacoma News Tribune

Peter Callaghan of the Tacoma News Tribune explains that although many Pierce County residents may think that their recently implemented IRV system for county elections is "weird", they should give it a chance because it has many hidden advantages.

May 15th 2009
Give Ranked Choice a Chance
The Melon

Op-ed in Tacoma blog The Melon by FairVote Democracy Fellow Erik Connell on why Pierce County residents should vote to keep ranked choice voting this November.

May 14th 2009
Let's Make Every Vote Count
The Nation

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the Nation magazine, highlights FairVote's research in an important piece on the "broad support" growing in the states for the National Popular Vote plan to elect the president.

May 13th 2009
Representative Democracy: Two Steps Forward
The Daily Herald

The executive director of the Economic Opportunity Institute heralds the passage of the National Popular Vote bill in Washington state.

April 19th 2009
Making the District More of a Democracy
The Washington Post

FairVote's Adam Fogel shows how Washington, DC can move toward the goal of universal voter registration before it receives a vote in Congress.

April 17th 2009
In our view, April 17: Equal Voting

Editorial in the Columbian in favor of the national popular vote plan, which is likely to be passed into law soon in the state of Washington.

April 2nd 2009
ASWC executive council to be elected
Whitman College Pioneer

April elections of Whitman College's Executive Council and Senate will make use of instant runoff voting.