North Carolina Articles:
September 27th 2009
Giving teens a civic voice
The Fayetteville Observer

In January, North Carolina will become the third state to implement FairVote-endorsed youth preregistration.

May 21st 2009
Herbkersman, Richie: Time to run off runoffs
The State

Runoffs after primaries can mean big plunges in voter turnout. Rob Richie and SC State Rep. Bill Herbkersman explain how IRV can achieve both majority consensus and eliminate separate, expensive runoffs.

May 14th 2009
Cary's mistake
News and Observer

Letter to the Editor by Cary, NC resident Carol Everett expressing her disappointment in the Town Council's decision not to continue to participate in the state's instant runoff voting pilot.

May 11th 2009
Bill promotes teen voter registration
The Charlotte Observer

North Carolina's bi-partisan 16-year-old advance registration and civics education bill unanimously passed the Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform committee last week.

May 5th 2009
Larry R. Bradley and Rob Richie: To increase voter turnout, try a more efficient election process
Omaha World-Herald

Op-ed by author Larry Bradley and FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie on why Omaha should dump its low turnout primaries in favor of instant runoff voting.

April 10th 2009
Council approves instant runoff for next city election

The Hendersonville, NC City Council voted 4-1 to renew their participation in the state's instant runoff voting pilot project.

April 2nd 2009
No consensus on city vote change plan
Herald Sun

FairVote North Carolina Executive Director Torrey Dixon is quoted in this article on a Durham hearing about the possibility of switching to instant runoff voting.

March 13th 2009
Council Looks At Changing Election Method

The Cary Town Council held a hearing to decide whether or not to keep its instant runoff voting election method.

March 5th 2009
Editorial: Consider the voters -- and the taxpayers
Wilmington Star News

Editorial in the Wilmington Star News that urges the City Council to adopt insant runoff voting for local elections.

November 7th 2008
Push to Expand Early Balloting and Voter Rolls
The New York Times

EAC Chair Rosemary Rodriguez and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton endorse universal and automatic voter registration.

October 17th 2008
October 17th Update on Presidential Visits and Spending

FairVote's press release shows that in the "Swing States of America," candidates ignore a majority of states and follow voting patterns of 2004 Presidential Election.

July 2nd 2008
Instant runoff voting offers cost savings and enhances democracy

A commentary by members of the Wake County Board of Elections in support of IRV for primaries in North Carolina.

July 2nd 2008
Instant Runoff
Winston Salem Journal

Editorial in favor of instant runoff voting in North Carolina.

July 1st 2008
Voting inaction
News & Observer

Editorial suggests instant runoff voting should be considered in North Carolina

June 26th 2008
Labor commissioner runoff cost $55 a vote
Charlotte Observer

North Carolina's high-cost runoff elections beat the record of the lowest voter turnout ever in the state's history. "There's a better way to do it:instant runoff voting".