New York Articles:
November 7th 2009
Voting Equipment and the Way Elections Are Run
New York Times

Rob Richie's letter to the editor on the dangers of the consolidation of the voting equipment industry -- placed in contrast to one of the leaders of that same industry.

October 19th 2009
Mandatory Voting? Automatic Registration? How Un-American!
Huffington Post

President of Air America Media, Mark Green, explains why Instant Runoff Voting, Automatic Registration and Mandatory Voting are not only important but could lead to a more democratic society.

October 18th 2009
Reforming runoffs could boost turnout
Crain's New York Business

State Sen. Liz Krueger says instant runoff voting would reduce spending, negative campaigning and boost turnout.

October 16th 2009
Haven't Detroit voters spoken enough?
Livingston Daily

In Detroit, there have been three mayors in the past two years and the current one has come under scrutiny. Perhaps a system like instant runoff voting will help bring political stability to motor city.

October 15th 2009
Instant runoff voting will save money but not raise turnout

Candidate Lynne Serpe of New York's 22nd district wants the city to use IRV because it will make elections more democratic.

October 15th 2009
Instant runoffs could curb negative ads
Crain's New York Business

State Senator Liz Krueger of New York says that IRV would cut down on negative ads and raise voter turnout.

October 6th 2009
City of 8 Million Was a Ghost Town at the Polls
New York Times

As turnout numbers for New York City's primary runoffs dwindle, IRV is being taken seriously as an alternative.

September 10th 2009
The Business of Voting Machines
The New York Times

The New York Times Editorial Board agrees with FairVote that voting machines should be owned and managed by the public.

August 13th 2009
An Official Right to Vote
The New York Times

FairVote's Adam Fogel responds to a New York Times Editorial about felon disenfranchisement.

July 24th 2009
The Right Way to Register Voters
The New York Times

Editorial by the New York Times comes out in support of efforts now underway in the US Senate to modernize voter registration practices so that we "live up to the ideal of the founders of a nation governed with the consent of the governed."

July 20th 2009
Looking Abroad For Answers On Voter Registration
National Journal

Recent studies by the Brennan Center and U.S. PIRG show the need for universal voter registration in the U.S.

July 2nd 2009
Reforming Albany
New York Times

FairVote's Rob Richie responds in a letter to the editor making the case for proportional voting systems to bring substantive reform to New York's legislature.

June 29th 2009
Register Everybody
Roll Call

Editorial declares that the U.S. government needs to start taking a more proactive approach to voter registration in order to live up to the standards that other countries have set.

June 22nd 2009
Modernizing the vote
The Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board endorses universal voter registration.

June 13th 2009
Registration And Voting On Same Day Sought in D.C.
The Washington Post

The D.C. City Council considers a variety of election reforms, including same day registration, advance registration for 16-year-olds and 17-year-old primary voting.