Montana Articles:
May 21st 2008
Obama closes in on Democratic nomination
Baltimore Sun

After the Kentucky and the Oregon democrat primaries, Barack Obama is close to the nomination, but he still needs more superdelegates to "claim the prize".

May 14th 2008
Unconventional wisdom: longer nomination helps Democrats
Belleville News Democrat

A Rob Richie Op-Ed explaining how the hotly contested presidential nomination between Obama and Clinton revitalizes the democratic voter turnout for all elections as well as Americans' involvement in politics.

May 5th 2008
Summer campaign guide
New York Times Upfront

FairVote's Adam Fogel discusses the surge in youth voter turnout in the presidential primaries.

April 29th 2008
Students ask to combine voter, class registration
Missoulian News

The Missoulian reports, students at University of Montana want to register to vote and register for classes at the same time.

April 27th 2008
Few states allow overseas troops to vote by e-mail
Associated Press

The Associated Press reports, only 13 states are embracing technology and allowing troops station oversees to vote online

April 17th 2008
State ballot allows creativity with party preferences
The Olympian

The Olympian reports, state officials give political parties freedom to design and place logo on upcoming primary ballot

February 7th 2008
GOP caucus stirs range of opinions
Great Falls Tribune

FairVote's Rob Richie comments on the questionable democratic nature of Republican caucuses.

February 5th 2008
State has options when it comes to elections

Editorial reviews electoral reform options, highlighting potential of instant runoff voting and proportional voting."

December 17th 2007
Residents Keep D.C. Vote Fight Brewing
The Washington Post

FairVote partner, DC Vote, holds a "tea party" at the Georgetown Waterfront to end taxation without representation in Washington, D.C.

December 10th 2007
Minnesota's Election Day Registration Draws Young People To The Polls
MTV News

MTV News reports that Minnesota's Election Day Registration law increases youth voter turnout and enhances security at the polls.

August 24th 2007
Deformed Reform
Slate Magazine

Maryland state senator Jamie Raskin explains the partisan gamesmanship behind the proposed Electoral College "reform" of allocating votes by congressional district.

June 14th 2007
D.C. Vote Bill Wins Big in Senate Panel
The Washington Post

The DC House Voting Rights Act of 2007 passed a key Senate committee and now moves to the floor for a historic vote.

June 11th 2007
Instant runoffs might be fix for voter fatigue
The Los Angeles Times

News report on growing interest in instant runoff voting in Los Angeles.

May 30th 2007
An easier path to voting
The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe editorial board endorses same-day voter registration.

May 15th 2007
State Mostly Ignored by Candidates
Charlotte Observer

The North Carolina State Senate passes the National Popular Vote plan by a vote of 30-18.