Connecticut Articles:
February 17th 2009
OPINION: Connecticut is Ready for IRV
Lyme Times

An Op-Ed piece in which Marilyn Mackay, of the League of Women Voters of Southeastern Connecticut, writes about how IRV would put Connecticut at the top of the charts when it comes to low-cost, democratic, fair, and equal opportunity elections.

October 29th 2008
Striving for a smooth election
The Boston Globe

The President of Demos calls for universal voter registration.

May 21st 2008
Obama closes in on Democratic nomination
Baltimore Sun

After the Kentucky and the Oregon democrat primaries, Barack Obama is close to the nomination, but he still needs more superdelegates to "claim the prize".

May 1st 2008
Constitutional amendment allowing 17 year-olds to vote going on the ballot

The Connecticut Legislature unanimously passed a constitutional amendment allowing 17-year-old primary voting. The issue will be on the ballot in November.

April 22nd 2008
State Officials Asked To Probe Flaws In Voter Lists
The Hartford Courant

The Hartford Courant reports, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz asked state election officials to investigate the failure to purge the dead from voter roll

April 19th 2008
All who will be 18 by fall should get to vote
Concord Monitor

FairVote's Adam Fogel argues that New Hampshire's state parties should take the lead on giving eligible 17-year-olds the right to vote in their primary elections.

March 2nd 2008
For National Popular Vote
The Hartford Courant

Connecticut Editorial endorses the National Popular Vote plan for President.

January 28th 2008
The hunt for delegates
San Jose Mercury News

FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell comments on the impending delegate count and the need for reform in the presidential primary process.

January 22nd 2008
Making the House of Representatives More Representative
Blog Critics Magazine

Op. Ed. calling for proportional representation for the United States House of Representatives, in order to provide citizens with more input into party platforms and prevent political balkanization.

November 1st 2007
Fixing The Primary Scramble
National Journal

As part of National Journal's "Insider Interviews" series, Ryan O'Donnell talks about the primary scheduling debacle and what can be done to fix it.

September 12th 2007
A Vote the District Deserves

The co-sponsors of the D.C. Voting Rights Act of 2007 defend the constitutionality of giving D.C. residents full voting rights and fair representation in the people's house.

September 11th 2007
D.C. vote threshold
The Washington Times

Influential African American Republicans, former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele and former Rep. J.C. Watts, endorse the D.C. Voting Rights Act.

August 26th 2007
Primary jockeying puts uncertainty in election landscape
San Diego Union Tribune

With the 2008 presidential election year just months away, states continue elbowing each other to get their primaries or caucuses closer to the front of the nomination line.

May 18th 2007
Time to graduate from Electoral College
Boston Herald

Citing broad support among elected officials, this Boston Herland columnist praises the National Popular Vote legislation in Massachusetts and beyond.

April 20th 2007
House Votes to Give the Capital a Full Voice in Congress
The New York Times

DC Voting Rights Act moves through the House; Speaker Pelosi says the vote "fulfills a promise of democracy."