Virginia Articles:
July 5th 2009
It�s Time to Bring Majority Rule to the American Election Process
Richmond Times-Dispatch

The results of Virginia's recent Democratic gubernatorial primary illustrate how winner-take-all elections can produce winners who don't receive the majority of the vote. IRV ensures election winners have majority support.

May 13th 2009
The Supreme Court�s Hostility to the Voting Rights Act
The New York Times

The New York Times' Adam Cohen argues for the Supreme Court to uphold Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

May 10th 2009
Political Newcomers Set Sights on November
NBC 29

Article on the Charlottesville, VA Democrats' first use of instant runoff voting for their city council and sheriff open caucus.

May 9th 2009
Charlottesville Democrats nominate Norris and Szakos for City Council
Charlottesville Tomorrow

The Charlottesville, VA Democratic party held its first ever City Council and Sheriff open caucus using instant runoff voting.

February 26th 2009
Senate Passes Bill Giving the District a House Vote
The Washington Post

The U.S. Senate passed the DC House Voting Rights Act, but attached an amendment that would eliminate most of the District's gun control laws.

November 5th 2008
As Maine goes, voting should go
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

Editorial cites FairVote in calling for national standards for running elections.

October 17th 2008
October 17th Update on Presidential Visits and Spending

FairVote's press release shows that in the "Swing States of America," candidates ignore a majority of states and follow voting patterns of 2004 Presidential Election.

September 18th 2008
High Turnout, New Procedures May Mean an Election Day Mess
The Washington Post

Front page article in the Washington Post quotes FairVote program director David Moon about readiness for the November election.

August 25th 2008
Political process edges out the public
The Buffalo News

FairVote's Adam Fogel quoted in an option piece in the Buffalo News that argues that the government should make it easier for New Yorkers to vote.

June 17th 2008
Groups Push to Restore Va. Felons' Voting Rights
Washington Post

The Washington Post reports, Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine is trying to add thousands of nonviolent offenders to the voting rolls in time for the November election.

June 17th 2008
Many states turning to paper ballots for fall
Bosten Globe

According to the Boston Globe, many states are choosing to use paper ballots in the upcoming general election.

May 9th 2008
Secretary of State says mass mailing has caused confusion
Charleston Daily Mail

Charleston Daily Mail reports, Women's Voice, a local organization in West Virginia, confused voters with a mailer

May 5th 2008
Summer campaign guide
New York Times Upfront

FairVote's Adam Fogel discusses the surge in youth voter turnout in the presidential primaries.

May 2nd 2008
Voting Rights Are Too Important to Leave to the States
The New York Times

The New York Times' Adam Cohen makes the case for federal intervention in regulating elections to ensure equal voting rights for all.

May 1st 2008
Constitutional amendment allowing 17 year-olds to vote going on the ballot

The Connecticut Legislature unanimously passed a constitutional amendment allowing 17-year-old primary voting. The issue will be on the ballot in November.