Oregon Articles:
October 12th 2008
Let voters register on election day
Oregon Live

A Portland resident calls for instant runoff voting to end the spoiler problem.

July 26th 2008
Americans don't vote for long list of reasons
The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star takes a look at several reasons for low voter turnout in the U.S. FairVote's Adam Fogel says the government is not making an effort to ensure full, accurate voter rolls.

June 16th 2008
Brunner discusses election, staying nonpartisan
News Herald

Local newspaper's editorial board interviews Ohio's Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.

June 6th 2008
Oregon Secretary of State visits PA to explain vote-by-mail
Penn State Public Broadcasting Website

According to Pennsylvania public radio, Oregon's Secretary of State met with Pennsylvania's legislators to discuss Oregon's voting by mail process.

June 5th 2008
�Instant runoffs� will save time, money, irritation
Eugene Register Guard

Commentary advocating IRV for local elections in Eugene, Oregon.

May 23rd 2008
The undemocratic flaw in our elections
The Oregonian

Western Oregon University professor Blair Bobier makes case for instant runoff voting in Oregon in wake of primaries.

May 21st 2008
Obama closes in on Democratic nomination
Baltimore Sun

After the Kentucky and the Oregon democrat primaries, Barack Obama is close to the nomination, but he still needs more superdelegates to "claim the prize".

May 5th 2008
Summer campaign guide
New York Times Upfront

FairVote's Adam Fogel discusses the surge in youth voter turnout in the presidential primaries.

May 2nd 2008
3 Oregon Democrats tangle in secretary of state debate
Associated Press

The Associated Press, reports the leading Democratic Secretary of State candidates clash over campaign finance and other reform.

April 27th 2008
Few states allow overseas troops to vote by e-mail
Associated Press

The Associated Press reports, only 13 states are embracing technology and allowing troops station oversees to vote online

April 24th 2008
Weekend voting would improve electoral system

Senator Kohl writes an op-ed piece in the Leader-Telegram in support of voting on the weekend

April 14th 2008
Five candidates line up to be Oregon's No. 2
The Oregonian

The Oregon Secretary of State race heats up with three state senators and a former television journalist vying for the job.

April 10th 2008
Veterans Department Creates Roadblocks to Voter Registration for Injured Vets

Veterans, who put their lives on the line to defend the right to vote, can't register to vote because of roadblocks created by the Veterans Department.

October 4th 2007
Fumbling toward democracy
The Hill

FairVote�s program director argues that states should use elections to fill U.S. Senate vacancies.

June 11th 2007
Instant runoffs might be fix for voter fatigue
The Los Angeles Times

News report on growing interest in instant runoff voting in Los Angeles.