June 28th 2009
Voting rights: Time for new thinking, not rehashed ideas
Sun Sentinel

Mr. Guy examines why new ideas and legislation are needed to ensure minority voting rights after the recent Supreme Court Ruling on Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

February 4th 2009
Opinion: Now's the time to think of ideas for a new state government system
San Jose Mercury News

New America Foundation Fellow Micah Weinberg talks about ideas for a proposed California constitutional convention, including proportional voting, instant runoff voting, and decreasing the number of representatives per resident.

October 21st 2008
Christopher Smitherman and Marian Spencer United on Yes on Issue 8
Cincinnati Herald

Commentary by former Cincinnati vice-mayor and FairVote board member Marian Spencer and Cincinnati NAACP president Christopher Smitherman on the case for adopting Issue 8 and proportional representation in Cincinnati this November

January 22nd 2008
Daniel Weintraub: Maybe it's time for a government overhaul

Opinion piece calls for a constitutional convention in California, to consider proportional representation for the state.

February 20th 2007
A new plan for politics
Daily Kent Stater

A Kent State (OH) political science major calls for proportional voting in order to open up our politics.

February 15th 2007
Real Democracy Or Dystopia

New America's Steven Hill highlights America's crossroads: a diminishing role for voters in dumbed down elections or real democracy characterized by diverse legislatures, fair media and a directly elected president.

January 5th 2007
Citizens' assembly probes changes to electoral system
Ancaster News

Ontario's Citizen's Assembly considers proportional representation system for future elections.

November 18th 2006
Combating Muslim exclusion

A new study shows that political exlcusion is even worse for Indian Muslims than earlier believed. This problem comes from the first-past-the-post electoral system, which needs to be replaced with proportional representation, argues Praful Bidwai.

November 17th 2006
The French Connect to Women at Long Last
The Herald

There are definitely more women in politics all over the world, and proportional representation is one reason for that, comments Rebecca McQuillan of the Herald.

November 16th 2006
Free our MPs to represent us
Times Colonist

Supporters of single-transferable voting (STV) in British Columbia say that the electoral system would make MPs accountable to their constituents once again.

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