Sri Lanka
January 8th 2008
Mum, Can a Man be President?
Inter Press Service

Article discussing the state of women's representation around the the world, and noting that proportional representation systems have done better than winner-take-all systems on this issue.

November 27th 2005
Waiting for the Sun Gods
Asian Tribune

Article discussing the problems created by winner-take-all voting systems for Sri Lanka, as well as the likely benefits of a proportional representation system in providing minority representation and stopping distortions in representation.

December 23rd 2004
NGOs propose election reforms in Sri Lanka

February 14th 2004
Sri Lanka's electoral system: Bogey or asset?
Daily Mirror

February 9th 2004
For Chandrika, ordering snap polls was an agonising decision
Hindustan Times

February 1st 2004
Minority parties react to Electoral Reform Report
The Sunday Observer

January 24th 2004
Select Committee on Electoral Reforms recommends:
Daily News

January 22nd 2004
President and Premier reach agreement
Daily Mirror

January 7th 2004
Peace beneficial, says majority
Sri Lanka Daily News

January 30th 2003
PM initiates dialogue with party leaders: Sub-Committee for Electoral Reforms
Sri Lanka Daily News

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