October 9th 2007
Referendum? Lie back and think of Oscar
The National Post (Ontario)

FairVote's David Moon uses the Academy Awards and pizza toppings to help explain MMP.

May 31st 2007
Change is a-comin' to Ontario
Ottawa Citizen

Peter Robb argues in favor of a proposal to replace Ontario, Canada's current winner-take-all system, which "breeds cynicism and apathy," with a mixed member proportional system.

May 24th 2007
`Yes' side to battle for voting reform
Toronto Star

The Ontario, Canada campaign for proportional voting is off to a strong start. Earlier in 2007, a Citizens Assembly recommended mixed-member proportional voting replace winner-take-all for provincial elections.

April 16th 2007
Ontario to vote on electoral system
The Globe & Mail

Ontario's Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform has sent mixed member proportional voting to referendum in a 94-8 vote.

April 2nd 2007
Panel picks radical voting changes for Ontario
Ottawa Citizen

A study group of Ontario Citizens Assembly members recommends that the province adopt a mixed-member proportional voting system.

January 8th 2007
Quest to make every vote count

The chair of Ontario�s Citizens Assembly is optimistic that the body will endorse a move to proportional voting.

January 5th 2007
Citizens' assembly probes changes to electoral system
Ancaster News

Ontario's Citizen's Assembly considers proportional representation system for future elections.

December 13th 2006
Poll Shows Support for California "Citizens Assembly" to Recommend Changes
California Progress Report

New America Foundation poll shows support for California Citizen's Assembly.

November 21st 2006
Voting system also to blame
Toronto Star

Proportional representation and an increase of women in government are linked, comments June Macdonald.

November 20th 2006
Fresh ideas for politics of tomorrow
The Toronto Star

Ontario teenagers excitedly discuss ways to increase voter turnout, ensure better representation, and find the best electoral system for their area.

November 18th 2006
Electoral college? Sign them up
Globe and Mail

As Ontario looks into its electoral system, different forms of proportional representation are considered as a correction to the current problems.

November 16th 2006
Free our MPs to represent us
Times Colonist

Supporters of single-transferable voting (STV) in British Columbia say that the electoral system would make MPs accountable to their constituents once again.

November 11th 2006
Should BC go to Single Transferable Vote system?
CKNW 980 News Talk Sports

British Columbia will hold a referendum on single transferable voting (STV) in May 2009.

November 7th 2006
Democratic reform high on Manitoba PC agenda
Winnipeg Free Press Live

Manitoba Conservatives are strengthening their policy agenda for the next provincial election, and reforming the electoral system to include proportional representation is high on the list.

October 25th 2006
Bill paves way for voting-reform referendum

A question about adopting proportional representation will appear on Ontario's 2007 ballot, but 60 percent approval is needed for the measure to pass. Opponents call this requirement "undemocratic".

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