January 1st 2008
Pakistan and Feudalism
Asia Sentinel

Article discussing divisions and strife in Pakistan and noting that the winner-take-all elections should be replaced with proportional representation to ease tensions.

December 25th 2006
'Instant Runoff' Voting Touted
Los Angeles Times

Article citing FairVote's work and instant runoff voting wins covers the history of proportional voting in the United States and the growing interest after ballot victories in Davis (CA) and Minneapolis (MN).

September 12th 2005
Facts and Figures About Afghanistan's Elections
Reuters AlertNet

Afghanistan goes to the polls on Sept. 18 to elect a lower house of parliament and councils in each of its 34 provinces. This articles discusses key facts and figures about the election design, including the use of the single non-transferable vote (a

March 16th 2005
Afghanistan: The wrong voting system
International Herald Tribune

A different system, proportional representation with open lists within the same provincial constituencies, avoids the problems of closed lists, while preserving some benefits of the single nontransferable vote. It would represent Afghan voters better

February 14th 2005
Which democratic model should we export?
Online Opinion

in cabinets and assemblies. The best way to bring this about is through a system of proportional representation. But alas the presidential

February 11th 2005
Afghan Poll Date Depends on Creating Voting Districts, UN Says

The electoral system of a single non-transferable vote is also being challenged by some political parties that favor more proportional representation, she said

December 10th 2004
The changing face of democracy
CBC News

October 28th 2004
Afghanistan: Experts Voice Concern Over 2005 Afghan Parliamentary Elections
Radio Free Europe

May 31st 2004
Tripartite opposition pact launches manifesto
The Daily News Online (Botswana)

January 14th 2004
Insecurity Threatens Newly-Won Women's Rights
IPS News

Afghan Poll Date Depends on Creating Voting Districts, UN Says

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