December 25th 2006
'Instant Runoff' Voting Touted
Los Angeles Times

Article citing FairVote's work and instant runoff voting wins covers the history of proportional voting in the United States and the growing interest after ballot victories in Davis (CA) and Minneapolis (MN).

October 29th 2005
Iraq election to offer voters legions of candidates
Reuters India

Article discussing the proportional voting system to be used for Iraq's historic December 2005 parliamentary elections.

February 14th 2005
Iraq seat attribution favours large parties
The Daily Times (Pakistan)

The proportional representation system treating Iraq as one single constituency theoretically favours small parties, but the electoral law has reduced the

February 14th 2005
Iraqi Shiites Win, but Margin Is Less Than Projection
The New York Times

raqi election results have been tabulated, and seats apportioned. With just under half the vote, Shiite parties can control about 140 seats. Extremely low turnout in some Sunni areas means that Sunni parties will be under-represented in government.

January 31st 2005
The ballot box beats the coffin
Assyrian International News Agency

Turnout in Iraq's elections is higher than expected, although the vote was disrupted by violence in some areas.

January 21st 2005
Iraq Election: Wider Significance
Assyrian International News Agency

A balanced analysis of how the upcoming elections will affect the political stability of Iraq

January 17th 2005
Iraqis Discuss Voting, Or Not, in Elections Held Amidst Chaos
The New Standard

Discussion of who is likely to participate in the Iraqi elections and why.

January 5th 2005
Election frenzy

November 21st 2004
Facts about the Iraq vote
Reuters, United Kingdom

August 9th 2004
The Monday Interview: Iraq's elder statesman and potential president
The Independent

July 20th 2004
A Peaceful Alternative for Iraq
Taipei Times

July 20th 2004
A Peaceful Alternative for Iraq
Taipei Times

July 6th 2004
The Right Plan for Iraqi Voters
The Washington Post

June 13th 2004
Iraqis Set for Proportional Representation in Election
The Washington Times

June 5th 2004
Iraq's Interim Prime Minister Vows to Reclaim Sovereignty
The New York Times

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