January 8th 2008
Mum, Can a Man be President?
Inter Press Service

Article discussing the state of women's representation around the the world, and noting that proportional representation systems have done better than winner-take-all systems on this issue.

December 28th 2007
Alternative Electoral Systems: The Possibilities and Implications for Nigeria
Nigeria Vanguard Online

Editorial describing methods of proportional representation and suggesting their use in Nigerian elections.

October 19th 2007
City Council leans toward adding at-large seats

Article discussing FairVote RI-backed proposal to add at-large seats to the Providence, RI council - elected by choice voting.

May 25th 2007
Dozen seats to be won and lost on transfers
Irish Examiner

Choice voting will decide the most competitive seats in Ireland's recent parliamentary election.

February 3rd 2005
IFA reforms structures and procedures
Irish Examiner

The Irish Farmers Association agreed to radically reform its structures and procedures at a marathon meeting in Dublin after significant compromises were reached on a number of key proposals.

June 13th 2004
Setback for Irish Ruling Party as Sinn Fein Vote Surges
Channel News Asia

January 8th 2004
Constituency Boundary revisions favour

July 18th 2003
Let�s have one constituency for European polls
Irish Examiner

July 15th 2003
Sinn Fein in plea over Senate elections

March 4th 2003
Devolution remains popular despite problems with Good Friday Agreement
Economic and Social Research Council

December 1st 2000
Reclaiming Democracy in the 21st Century
Social Policy

Rob Richie, Steven Hill, and Caleb Kleppner discuss the benefits of instant runoff voting and proportional representation, as well as how it is used internationally

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