January 1st 2008
Pakistan and Feudalism
Asia Sentinel

Article discussing divisions and strife in Pakistan and noting that the winner-take-all elections should be replaced with proportional representation to ease tensions.

November 18th 2006
Combating Muslim exclusion

A new study shows that political exlcusion is even worse for Indian Muslims than earlier believed. This problem comes from the first-past-the-post electoral system, which needs to be replaced with proportional representation, argues Praful Bidwai.

January 27th 2006
Lok Satta launches 'Voteindia'

Indian reformers have formed an NGO to pursue proportional voting in the world's largest democracy.

March 16th 2005
Indian minority empowerment through political representation
Milli Gazette

Seeking solutions to underrepresentation of India's minorities and Muslims, commentator M. Ayub Khan weighs proportional voting against drawing some majority-Muslim districts.

May 26th 2004
Even this fractious coalition can do a lot

May 12th 2004
Ways of getting together:
The Telegraph (Calcutta)

Opinion piece calls for PR for India

March 11th 2004
A voting system that could change UP's face
The India Times

January 26th 2004
Opinion: A guide to the 2004 elections
The Jakarta Post

July 25th 2003
Jaitley: Religious quotas dangerous
The Hindu

June 22nd 2003
Women Demand Quota, Police Arrest Them
People's Democracy Vol. XXVII No. 25

May 28th 2003
Defections And Proportional Representation
Oherlad (India)

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