December 28th 2007
House amends interim constitution

Brief news article discussing Nepal's recent decision to switch to proportional representation for legislative elections.

February 19th 2007
Shifting the goalposts
The Pioneer

Twenty seats in Nepal's legislature will be elected using proportional voting.

November 25th 2006
Poor commitment snags resolution on women

Despite a Nepali House resolution that requires 33 percent women's participation, the law has not been enforced. The government is only slowly moving toward electoral reform.

November 21st 2006
EC consults with parties on CA polls
Nepal News

In an attempt to ensure that the upcoming Nepali elections will be free and fair, the Election Commission met with the major parties to set the election standards. Half of the CA will be elected by proportional representation.

November 8th 2006
Arms Management and Proclamation of Interim Constitution by Nov. 21
The Rising Nepal

General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal still supports proportional representation in Nepali government, despite the compromise reached in historic peace talks.

July 20th 2006
Proportional Election System for the Constituent Assembly
Nepal News

A Nepali journalist argues proportional voting would result in a fairer constituent assembly as his country considers sweeping reforms.

June 14th 2006
Constituent assembly should ensure proportional representation: US scholar

Nepal News

U.S. scholar advises Nepal to elect its constituent assembly under proportional voting as step toward a fairer constitution.

May 29th 2003
Maoist emerges to claim Nepal
The Guardian

May 22nd 2003
Dr. Johan Galtung suggests for revision of constitution
People's Review, Nepal

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