December 5th 2005
For Liberal Parties, a Win of Sorts in Moscow
The Washington Post

Thanks to Moscow's system of semi-proportional voting, opposition to Russia's ruling party will be represented in the city parliament and have a chance to build support as the 2007 national vote approaches.

June 6th 2005
Veteran Russian ecologists set up Green party
Gulf Times

Russia's threshold for electing members of parliament through full representation changed from 5 to 7 percent .

December 24th 2004
Duma passes in first reading proportional representation bill

May 24th 2004
Parliamentary elections underway in South Ossetia

December 8th 2003
Pro-Kremlin Party Sweeps Russia Elections
The Guardian

December 8th 2003
Background: Russian election primer

October 18th 2002
Russia: Centrists Propose Changing Electoral Law
Radio Free Europe

October 14th 2002
State Duma Speaker Favors 5 Percent Threshold for Parties in 2003 Parliamentary Elections

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