September 27th 2006
Seven Palestinian factions call for a new political program based on proportional representation
The Journal of Turkish Weekly

Seven Palestinian factions call for proportional representation to overcome Hamas and Fatah monopoly on Palestinian politics.

February 8th 2006
Vote System Gave Hamas Huge Victory
Hartford Courant

An op-ed by New America Foundation Fellow Steven Hill discusses how Palestine's partial winner-take-all system gave Hamas a parliamentary majority despite its narrow electoral plurality.

June 19th 2005
PLC guarantees President Abbas four years in office
Palestine Media Center

A new electoral law providing for full representation was adopted in Palestine.

June 18th 2005
Palestinian MPs approve new electoral system
Times of Oman

A law allowing for half of parliamentary seats in Palestine to be allotted based on full representation was approved.

June 14th 2005
Civil Committee calling for PLC elections before December
Palestine News Network

The Civil Committee for Elections Monitoring called for President Abbas to adopt a full representation system.

June 14th 2005
PLO says Israel failing to deal 'seriously' with withdrawal coordination
Palestinian News Agency

The PLO Executive Committee welcomes the trend toward adopting full representation for some elections on the national level.

June 11th 2005
Abbas: legislative election possible after law approved
China News

Palestine likely to adopt a form of full representation.

June 10th 2005
The Palestinian election law and the PLC elections
Israel Hasbara Committee News

A discussion of the election postponement in Palestine, due partly to the transition toward full representation.

June 9th 2005
Abbas holds truce talks as Israeli court declares pullout legal

An agreement has been reached in Palestine, whereby half of MPs will be elected by constituencies and the other half by full representation.

June 7th 2005
Rights group blasts delay parliamentary elections
The Electronic Intifada

Palestinians to use full representation to elect some of the PLC members.

June 4th 2005
Abbas set to delay Palestinian vote
Times of Oman

The approval of using full representation to elect two-thirds of representatives in Palestine is pending.

May 24th 2005
Palestinian electoral politics are confusing, and oddly democratic
Palestine Media Center

Some seats of the Palestinian Parliament are apportioned according to a party's share of the national vote.

March 22nd 2005
PFLP, DFLP factions to run in Palestinian elections
The Peninsula

Palestinian elections will be run using proportional representation.

February 26th 2005
Palestinians may be establishing another Mideast democracy
Daily Star Regional

February 14th 2005
War With Israel Effectively Over
The New York Times

President Mahmoud Abbas Interviewed

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