June 16th 2005
Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement sets out its program for reform
The Daily Star

The Free Patriotic Movement election agenda provides details on how it would reform Lebanon's electoral rules to include full representation.

June 13th 2005
Suleiman Franjieh joins forces with Aoun
The Daily Star

Samir Franjeg, a candidate for parliament in Lebanon, called for the adoption of electoral laws based on full representation.

May 30th 2005
Normal turnout for the parliamentary elections in Beirut

A candidate in Lebanon is calling for the adoption of full representation.

May 26th 2005
Litmus test

Much of the Muslim leadership is arguing for the use of large districts and full representation in the upcoming election.

April 25th 2005
Hoss: Qada-based elections 'will destroy national unity'
The Daily Star

Former Lebanese Prime Minister argues for proportional representation and larger districts.

April 7th 2005
Jumblatt meets with Karami and reiterates call for elections to be held on time
The Daily Star

New government likely to draw up an electoral law based on larger districts with proportional representation.

April 5th 2005
Karami: new Lebanese government before end of the week

Lebanese government to consider adopting proportional representation.

January 5th 2005
Communist Party calls for single electoral district
The Daily Star

December 27th 2004
Candidate calls for system of proportional representation
The Daily Star

July 2nd 2004
Proportional Representation Reflects Variety
Daily Star Online

August 8th 2003
Iraq�s governing council: foul or fair?
The Daily Star, Lebanon

July 22nd 2003
Lebanon still in thrall to the sectarian mindset
Monday Morning, Lebanon

February 1st 2003
Karami says �small election district� best
Daily Star, Lebanon

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