January 9th 2008
The glories of the �single transferable vote�
The Providence Journal

FairVote RI Director Ari Savitzky and RI State Rep. David Segal co-author an op. ed. showing how the Iowa Democratic Party caucuses function much like the choice voting method of proportional representation.

December 21st 2007
Electoral Lessons From Australia
The Washington Post

FairVote's Rob Richie extols the virtues of instant runoff voting in Australia's recent parliamentary elections.

December 25th 2006
'Instant Runoff' Voting Touted
Los Angeles Times

Article citing FairVote's work and instant runoff voting wins covers the history of proportional voting in the United States and the growing interest after ballot victories in Davis (CA) and Minneapolis (MN).

October 20th 2006
Minor parties may have upper hand
Star News Group

The State Government of Victoria, Australia is switching from preferential voting in two-member districts to proportional representation in five-member districts. This change will give minority parties their best chance yet of winning representation.

October 2nd 2005
Greens' upper house windfall
The Age

Proportional voting may help third parties win seats in Australia.

April 13th 2005
Australian senator stumps for STV
The Peak

Proportional represenation system endorsed by the Citizen's Assembly on Electoral Reform.

June 30th 2004
Lucky Citizens
The Age

January 20th 2004
How Tough is the QLD Question?

August 7th 2003
Ideas to save our withering democracy
Sydney Morning Herald

August 1st 2003
Howard's Senate plans
PM, Australia

March 5th 2003
Sword alleges ALP branch-stacking
The Age

March 1st 2003
Major changes in the house as the mice all roar
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

November 24th 2002
Austrians Begin Voting, Outcome Wide Open

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