September 26th 2006
Working toward a fairer electoral system
The Abbotsford News

As British Columbia prepares for a long awaited referendum on a proportional voting system, electoral remapping has to be considered.

September 20th 2006
Lobby group calls for referendum on electoral reform
CBC News

Larry Gordon, Executive Director of Fair Vote Canada, argues that proportional voting is needed to stop the trend of parties losing the popular vote and winning the election in New Brunswick.

November 26th 2005
Critics cry foul over tough rules for P.E.I. plebiscite on voting reform
Canadian Press

Article discussing Prince Edward Island's future referendum on proportional representation, as well as critics' charges of unfair election rules, such as too high a threshold for passage and a reduction in the number of polling locations.

September 27th 2005
Helen Clark: Leadership for real!

Proportional voting in New Zealand helps more women get elected by creating a more flexible government based on give and take, open decision making.

September 21st 2005
Electoral reforms delayed
Globe and Mail

Debate continues in Canada over electoral reform

September 21st 2005
Premier Addresses Electoral Reform
Robson Valley Times

Article discussing the upcoming 2008 binding referendum for choice voting in British Columbia.

September 16th 2005
Voting system fine as is, premier says
Whitehorse Daily Star

Citizens for Electoral Reform Yukon support "democratic renewal" in the Canadian Province.

September 12th 2005
B.C. government promises second referendum on electoral reform

The Canadian province of British Columbia will hold a second referendum on electoral reform to STV says Premier Gordon Campbell.

September 12th 2005
B.C. government promises second referendum on electoral reform

British Columbia government pledges to put choice voting in front of voters again in November 2008 elections.

September 2nd 2005
We still want BC-STV -- Reclaiming democracy
Common Ground Canada

Representative government and electoral reform is still needed to strengthen British Columbia's democracy.

August 31st 2005
Political Change P.E.I.
Edmonton Sun

The province of Prince Edward Island will vote on adopting proportional representation this November.

July 19th 2005
Electoral Reformers Pressing Ahead
The Williams Lake Tribune

Electoral reform movement in British Columbia showed the winner take all system is illegitimate and unfair.

June 20th 2005
The fix is in on electoral reform
The Hill Times

Several commissions in Canada have recommended forms of full representation for electing legislatures.

June 16th 2005
Keeping MPPs honourable
The Ottawa Citizen

Ontario to assemble focus groups to look at questions of electoral reform, including full representation.

June 16th 2005
Islanders could be going to the polls on Nov. 28
Alaska Highway News

Prince Edward Island may adopt a full representation electoral system.

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