Should BC go to Single Transferable Vote system?
Published November 11th 2006 in CKNW 980 News Talk Sports

VANCOUVER/CKNW(980) - Final results from the US elections show a majority of voters are in favour of electoral reform, specifically the Single Transferrable Vote or S.T.V.

Meantime, here in BC, an electoral boundaries commission is travelling province-wide to get feedback from residents on a re-drawing of the province's electoral map.

Along with the review, the panel will recommend what the ridings might look like under the S.T.V. system.

So, what is the S.T.V. system?

Bruce Hallsor, president of Fair Voting BC says an S.T.V. system allows voters to combine ridings.

"So, you might combine the five Burnaby ridings for example into one, and when you go to vote, the NDP, the Liberals, whoever, will run up to five candidates and you can go and mark from all the candidates your first, second, third, fourth, fifth choice," he says.

A referendum on electoral reform and the S.T.V. system will be held in tandem with the next provincial election in May of 2009.