Letters to the Editor
November 5th 2008
Every Vote Should Count, From Sea to Shining Sea
New York Times

Letter to the Editor from FairVote's Rob Richie calling for a National Popular Vote for President to make sure that everyone's vote is counted equally.

December 21st 2007
Electoral Lessons From Australia
The Washington Post

FairVote's Rob Richie extols the virtues of instant runoff voting in Australia's recent parliamentary elections.

October 26th 2007
Fifteen and Six for Providence City Council
The Providence Journal

FairVote RI's Ari Savitzky writes that the current Providence (RI) municipal election system is outdated, and a form of proportional representation should be adopted.

May 10th 2007
Letter: A call for fair representation
The Guardian

Without proportional voting, Labor would have won a majority in the Scottish Parliament with not even a third of votes, notes FairVote board member and UK Electoral Reform Society director Ken Ritchie.

February 3rd 2007
We get letters...
Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia's Libertarian Party political director calls for ranked choice voting as an electoral reform 'with teeth.'

September 2nd 2006
How to democratize government
Minneapolis Star Tribune

A Minneapolis-area resident calls for IRV and proportional voting as means to increase voter participation and diversity of opinion in legislatures.

August 19th 2006
Eliminate districts
Contra Costa Times

CA resident calls for proportional voting in one statewide district as a congressional redistricting reform.

March 16th 2006
Don't Waver Now!
The Essex Reporter

A Village resident and League of Women Voters member diagnoses the winner-take-all syndrome in Essex, VT and endorses proportional voting as a remedy for the Town and Village to consider as they discuss a merger.

December 9th 2005
Where Elections Should Turn
The Washington Post

In response to the current two-party dominance in Congress, a Washington Post reader suggests proportional voting systems as a key vehicle for giving voters alternatives to the major parties many of them have lost faith in.

February 24th 2005
Offended by letter
Osceola News Gazette

Response to an earlier anti-cumulative voting letter rebutting claims that cumulative voting is undemocratic and unconstitutional

November 18th 2004
Try choice voting
Davis Enterprise

A letter to the editor, from electoral reform proponent Chris Jerdonek, making the case for the use of choice voting in City Council elections in Davis, CA.

October 9th 2003
Re: "Thomson may run for Senate," 9/30/03.
Davis Enterprise

Letter to the editor advocating full representation

July 30th 2003
Letter: Modernizing Elections
New York Times

FairVote's Steven Hill promotes proportional voting and instant runoff voting in the New York Times.

July 18th 2003
Let�s have one constituency for European polls
Irish Examiner

November 5th 2002
America Votes Today. Will You?
New York Times

FairVote's Steven Hill argues that the concealed differences between the Republican and Democratic parties are a result of our winner-take-all election system.

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