Letters to the Editor
October 29th 2002
Cure for Low Turnout
New York Times

FairVote Chair John B. Anderson argues that our democracy needs instant runoff voting (IRV) to give third parties a chance in elections and eliminate the spoiler effect.

September 19th 2002
Formulas For a Clean Election

FairVote's Matthew Cossolotto argues that Congress needs to pass more meaningful election reform legislation, such as proportional voting methods or instant runoff voting (IRV), to ensure that each vote counts.

July 5th 2001
Try Changing the County Charter
The Monterey County Herald

Redistricting is allowing representatives to elect their voters; therefore, to eliminate this problem, proportional representation needs to be implemented argues Nat S. Lerner.

May 25th 2001
Reform 'primitive' voting system
London Times

Letter to the editor by members of the House of Lords advocating the use of proportional representation

December 31st 2000
New York in Congress

FairVote's Rob Richie argues that New York should not be complacent with the current election laws and practices, rather should demand an increase of House representatives.

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