November 14th 2007
Mayor wants same size council with five at-large seats
Providence Journal

Article covering competing proposals to reform Providence, Rhode Island's city council elections. A proposal backed by FairVote RI for at-large seats using proportional representation is given serious consideration.

January 29th 2007
The Work Cut Out for Us
The Nation

Strong praise in a book review of Steven Hill's 10 Steps to Repair American Democracy

November 10th 2002
'Just Elections' - democracy's mechanics
Baltimore Sun

Review of new book by a well-known philosopher that touts cumulative voting.

November 1st 2002
Review of "Fixing Elections: The Failure of America's Winner Take All Politics" by Steven Hill
Yale Magazine

Yale alumnus David Baker's favorable review of CVD Senior Analyst Steven Hill's new book.

April 1st 2001
Party Politics:
Boston Review

The authors are responded to by Harvard law professor Lani Guinier with a focus on proportional representation. In their final word, the authors express strong support for Professor Guinier's position.

March 1st 2001
New Means for Political Empowerment in the Asian Pacific American Community
Asian American Policy Review

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